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Just pics of me sucking cock and showing off my little dicklet
  1. Sucking off my cousin
  2. I love SPH (small penis humiliation). While I was sucking my feeder's big, fat cock he told me to stroke his big cock and my little dick at the same...
  3. My little fella
  4. Comparing my little dick to a soda can. The can wins.
  5. Sucking a super thick cock at the gloryhole
  6. Went to the downtown porn shop in Wheeling and got fed some uncut black cock
  7. Earning my reward from a trucker at the gloryhole
  8. Mouthful of trucker cum from the gloryhole
  9. Look at the big, beautiful cock I found at the gloryhole!!!
  10. Another delicious cock at the gloryhole
  11. Local porn shop led to a gloryhole feeding for me
  12. Found a tasty trucker cock at a truckstop gloryhole
  13. Loving on my feeder's big, beautiful cock
  14. A fresh load of stranger cum thanks to the gloryhole
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