Have I finally met him?

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I recently met up with a gentleman via doublelist who was looking for what I?ve been looking for for a very long time
You see I?m older; mid 60s dad bod and married. I started ?experimenting? with like-minded guys when I was in my mid 40s. I started with giving blow jobs and moved on to kissing, fondling, and other pleasurable things 2 people can do together. The one thing I?d yearned for was to have someone take me anally

I actually finally har that experience 3 times in those 20 plus years, but it was either using a condom or in 1 case, with a guy who?d had prostate surgery so he couldn?t cum.

So now, with the person from doublelist, he?s into everything that I am and also loves to bareback! We did it for the 1st time a few weeks ago after a tentative 1st meeting at a local hardware store parking lot. He drove us around and we discussed what we were looking for and we agreeded to meet later, which we did

Our first time together was nothing short of spectacular! We kissed and made out and when the time came, we got into position and he entered me from behind. He pumped in and out of me and it felt great! When he came, he laid on my back and slowly came away and laid beside me. I told him how much I enjoyed him and as we were in a somewhat 69 position, I playfully kissed and licked and fingered his softening cock

We are determined to meet again, but since we are both married, scheduling is tricky. But I can wait

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