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  • womenlookingforcouples

    Hello. My dear friends ❤ WomenLookingForCouples .com ❤ Just for every bisexual friend. Feel for free to share your Bisexual Date ideas, bisexual advice, first bisexual experiences, bisexual videos, bisexual Fashion show, successful dating advice and safety tips and more. Bisexual women looking for bisexual couples ,bisexual single ,boys and girls .If you want to date bisexual people ,welcome .

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    Last Activity: Apr 4, 2024 10:34 PM
    Category: Main

    This group is for bi, st, gays, naturist, swinger, bi, groups... female's 26 to 35, slim and curvy, boobs

    38 to 60-DD TO XXL, SHAVEN ...

    male's 26 to 35, slim body, TOOL'S 8"× 6" to 15"× 8", shaven...

    meet once a mouth ( last friday ) : entry just bring a bottle of wine : for sex fun???...


    OPEN : 8PM TO 12 MIDNIGHT...


    FOUNDER RANDYBIGUYNATURIST... ((( 100% free to join )))

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    Last Activity: May 14, 2021 4:09 AM
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  • Married Bisexual Males in Central Texas

    Married bisexual male who seeks other Married Bisexual males for NSA fun

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    Last Activity: Jun 30, 2023 9:25 AM
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  • Tops wanted

    This group is for guys looking to be topped anally. And the guys looking for a bottom.

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    Latest Discussion: 60's fem guy in NY state
    Last Activity: Apr 16, 2024 1:55 PM
    Category: Main
  • When our hard cocks meet for the very first time

    Both of you want each other beyond words...and there you finally are. It seems like it took forever to get your clothes off. His super hot, pulsing, wet rod looking twice the size you thought it was is now pointed directly towards you like a rifle aimed and ready to shoot hot fire all over you. You can't stand it because your bodies haven't touched yet. You are so primed and ready. You want to just go ahead and jump and fuck the living hell out of him til you are absolutely sure that you have drained the last drop of seed out of his hot oh so good looking horny pleasure target...But, there in front of you, is the most magnificent erection that you have ever seen and now first you want his cock to meet yours, just one on one the two of them alone for a moment.

    This group is for those who want to describe to us what they like to do cock to cock only.

    Photos of these twosomes are most welcome to post. Looking forward to your story.

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    Last Activity: May 20, 2024 3:44 PM
    Category: Main
  • Bisexual Book Club

    Sharing and reviews on books with bisexual characters or themes.

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    Latest Discussion: Your fictional Bisexual Lover
    Last Activity: Apr 7, 2022 2:53 AM
    Category: Main
  • My wife, Me, and another Man

    This group is for the guys who get hot knowing their wife is watching them suck another man's cock

    639 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: 3some with my wife
    Last Activity: May 20, 2024 3:44 PM
    Category: Main
  • Bisexual Dating Community

    This is for bisexual single women and men who are interested in dating,seeking bi-lover and sharing your bi-experience.

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    Last Activity: Apr 4, 2024 10:34 PM
    Category: Main
  • bisexualmingle

    Great a communication community, here is the world of bisexual, bring me surprise often makes me feel accident, here, I have found the stimulation, happy and wonderful feeling, baby, to join the interaction with us.>>>>

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    Last Activity: Apr 4, 2024 10:34 PM
    Category: Main
  • bi men jacking each other off

    bi men meeting each other just to jack each other off while watching porn

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    Latest Discussion: I tried
    Last Activity: Apr 15, 2024 11:12 PM
    Category: Main

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  • Anal Masturbation

    A group for guys and gals that play with their asshole for pleasure.

    This is a private group.
    Last Activity: Yesterday 11:16 PM
    Category: Main
  • Washington State Small Dicks

    We who live or travel in the US state of Washington AND have a small dick should want to be in this group. What is a small dick? It would be any size LESS THAN AVERAGE. Average is 5-1/2 inches erect. Generally it's micro penis up through 5 inches or so.

    Adult micropenis is defined by the Cleveland Clinic as a SPL (stretched penis length) of 3.67 inches or less. Whereas, for a child it's much less than that. But, we are adults.

    For many reasons you may have had an average or larger penis when you were in college, but now it's considered small. That's because as you age it does shrink. As your testosterone levels decrease so does your penis. Don't be alarmed. It's really a lot of fun and quite erotic to admit you have a small willie, or a tiny dick, or a micro penis. No shame here. Post photos, but don't post pics of a size greater than 5+ inches because you are average or above.

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    Last Activity: Yesterday 8:23 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • Bisexuals in BC-Canada

    This group is created to connect all the bisexual people living and loving beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

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    Last Activity: Yesterday 2:17 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • Texas Connection

    This is a group where users can easily and readily meet other members from Texas. Share pics or stories that occur only in Texas..... enjoy.

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    Latest Discussion: How about an area code check?
    Last Activity: Yesterday 8:18 AM
    Category: Geographic
  • Male Cock Suckers and Men Searching for Them

    For those men that like to suck cock, post availability times and location.

    Men looking for cock suckers pick and get some good head from men that like sucking dick.

    318 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: NE Texas, around Atlanta Texas
    Last Activity: Yesterday 7:49 AM
    Category: Geographic
  • Erotic Bi Fiction

    For fans and writers of bisexual erotic fiction. Post your stories here!

    The rules:

    1. Be sure to respect the copyrights of others by posting only stories you have written or have permission to post.

    2. Because this group is storytelling/fiction as erotic entertainment, all characters must be over the age of 18.

    1,383 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: Blown away at the movie
    Last Activity: May 21, 2024 7:21 PM
    Category: Main
  • Deep Throat

    This is a group for lovers of deep throat -- women and men, giving and receiving...

    If you crave having a cock buried deep in your throat, sharing a cock to deep throat with others -- please -- share your thoughts! Don't be shy! And let's see your photos!

    When did you first give deep throat?

    When did you last deep throat cock?

    How do you like to deep throat cock?

    What turns you on about deep throating cock? --How deep can you take cock?

    What do you do with the cum? Swallow? Spit? Facial?

    Who are your favorite deep throat porn actors and actresses? Why?

    41 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: DEEP THROATING COCK!
    Last Activity: May 21, 2024 10:32 AM
    Category: Main
  • sawllowing cum

    This group is for any one who loves swallowing cum

    This is a private group.
    Last Activity: May 21, 2024 9:28 AM
    Category: Main
  • Gangbangs

    Do you like sharing one woman with multiple men? Gangbangs are HOT. I love to see an oozing creampie after multiple cum dumps don't you?

    40 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: How about...
    Last Activity: May 20, 2024 5:01 PM
    Category: Main
  • MMF experiences

    Whenever the wife and I have an MMF, I find writing it down helps make the memory stronger. Here, we can write about our MMF experiences, a favorite activity of so many of us sexually open guys.

    1,086 member(s)
    Last Activity: May 20, 2024 4:01 PM
    Category: Main
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