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    Another walk down memory lane

    This is a continuation of the story I told about the time I met up with two older men.

    The one with the bigger cock called me one night and just said "come over". So I hoped in the car and met him at what was like an industrial plaza. He was the owner of a cabinet company and was staying there because him and his wife were on the outs. Kinda hot...

    Anyway I showed up and he let me in, it was pretty well lit and he removed his pants to reveal his big uncut cock and sat in the recliner. I eagerly got between his legs and had him hard really quick.

    Once he was hard most of the bj was me just throating him, he didn't say much other than how good it was once. I was hard as a rock while I was throating his cock, but I stayed dressed because I was there to get him off and that's hot.

    After about 20 minutes of having his cock in my throat he started bucking and I could feel his cum. I didn't actually need to swallow because his head was all the way down my throat. We stayed like that until he started going soft. I looked up at him as his cock came out of my mouth and he just said "my god you can suck cock, faggot"

    I remember standing up and I was so hard. I walked to the shop bathroom to splash water on my face. He could see me from where he sat. I started to unzip and asked if I cold just jerk off really quick.

    "No faggot it's time you got the fuck out of here, I have work in the morning. Be around this weekend " and with that I was driving home.

    A few days later on a Friday he called and said "hey come by the shop tonight and be ready to spend the night. Shave your face and body too." I didn't have a ton of body hair so I hoped in the shower and shaved.

    When I got there he answered the door and was actually nicer than usual. He handed me a shopping bag and said go get dressed.

    I went in the bathroom and in the bag was a black wig, a normal looking girls t-shirt, skirt and a gstring. I got dressed and came out.

    He stared at me for a minute and came over and grabbed my ass and said I made a pretty girl. That made me super hard. I had never done this before but I liked it.

    He walked over to his chair and pulled his cock out and said "suck". I obliged and immediately started throating him. After a while he stood up and had me bend over the chair. I felt him pull the g string to the side and his mouth on my ass.

    It felt amazing and I whimpered and he'd laugh and smack my ass and say good girl. He had me like that for a while but never once touched my rock hard cock at one point I tried to touch myself and he smacked my hand away and just said "no"

    I'm laying there bent over the chair in heaven enjoying this so much. He stopped "don't move" and he fumbled around behind me. Then he stood up and I felt the cold lube. I felt his cock head for a moment and then just like the first time he pushed into me without warning.

    I jerkked forward and yelped "shut up, you like it slut" he said". It hurt but he wasn't wrong, I did like it. I was still so hard and reached under myself to touch myself. A sharp smack on the balls and a "no". He pumped me like that for a while and then had me lay on the floor on my back.

    He took me like that with my legs on his shoulders and then he said I want you to ride me while I cum in you. He layed down and I hoped on top. I rode that cock so hard because at that point I was very stretched out. My hard cock would slap his belly. "Fucking slut loves it" he said. Yes I answered.

    Soon after he grabbed my hips and announced he was cumming. I guess I was in the moment because I let out a "oh yes daddy, cum in my pussy".

    After he came I wasn't sure what to do so I stood up. "Where are you going?" He asked. I... I don't know daddy I said. He took me by the hand and there was a pullout couch in the corner. He said "your staying". I nodded yes and we climbed into bed.

    As I laid in bed with this man spooning and groping me, my cock was still hard and I wanted to cum so bad. I started to touch myself and he smacked me in the balls so hard I almost screamd. "What did I say?" He said. I'm sorry daddy I said. "Good girl"

    I laid there for a while trying to sleep but I couldn't. He did drift off but he woke up at some point, not sure the time and I felt him jerking himself. He roughly rolled me over and got on top. I didn't say a word, he just pushed right into me and not long after came in me again.

    I finally fell asleep and woke up the next morning. He was already up and reading the news paper in his chair. I stood up unsure of what to do. He motioned me to come near and pulled his cock out again

    "You're gonna have to work for this one slut" he said. And work I did until he came down my throat. I remember thinking I'm still hard and I woke up hard. Is it safe to have a boner this long.

    I went in the bathroom and caught myself in the mirror, still dressed. When I came out he said "it's time for you to leave" ok I'll get changed. "There's no one around her on Saturday, you can leave like that" he said as he handed me a bag with the clothes I showed up in.

    He let me out the door and I've never felt more exposed. My hard cock was peaking from under the skirt. I got in my car hoping no one saw me and drove home.

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    Re: Another walk down memory lane

    My god that's hot would love that to happen to me

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    Re: Another walk down memory lane

    he got to be a sissy slut you got owned

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    Re: Another walk down memory lane

    really hot story , faggot .

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    Re: Another walk down memory lane

    Quote Originally Posted by marine20 View Post
    really hot story , faggot .
    Thank you lol

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    Re: Another walk down memory lane

    Damn that is hot! I would've jerked off in the car.

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    Re: Another walk down memory lane

    this all got me thinking about some of the antics that I have been apart of on a sexually orientation.. back when I was in Phoenix and about 3 years into my transition and had been on the hormones for almost 4 1/2 years my body had changed tremendously.. my voice had changed, my skin had changed, my breasts really changed the most they grew almost 2 cup sizes and my nipples became very very sensitive and erect all the time.. I never wore a bra except when dressing for a guy.. I at the time wore a corset all the time at home for waist training..
    anyway I took a job as a bike courier around town.. it was good exercise and kept my legs and ass in shape.. the guy I worked for knew I was trans.. and I am sure that he was screwing all the girls that worked for him.. he told me very early on that if I wanted to make better tips I would need to audition for a spot on his special delivery crew.. I already knew that there were some of the girls that were banging him silly to get the best delivery’s.. I told him that he knew that I was trans and couldn’t compete with the other girls.. he did fondle my breasts a couple times but that was as far as it went,, so when you picked up your drop their would be a place for instructions., telling you where and who to deliver to., if it said special special delivery it meant that you were going to be having sex with the person or persons you were delivering to..
    I remember the first special special delivery I was sent to.. it was an address in the industrial park.. not much of a ride to peddle to.. so I took off.. we didn’t have any real dress code so most of the girls dressed rather scantily to get better tips.. so I was really just wearing a very short belly shirt and very very short booty shorts the kind that your ass hung out and didn’t cover much.. mine were denim and very frayed.. I always back then wore the button up type and never buttoned the top 2 buttons but this day I undid the third button and folded back the top to reveal even more of my lower abdomen.. and also about 2-2 12” of the top of my very lacy very sheer silk hot pink panties..
    when I arrived I found a rest room and washed my hand and face just to freshen up a little and put on some of my favorite perfume.. then proceeded to go find my delivery contact., he or I should say they were on the 3rd floor in a corner office.. I ask the secretary where to find the gentleman and she ask why I needed to see him?? I am sure by the way I was dressed she was skeptical but got on the phone and told him I was there and had a delivery.. upon which I was told to go right in.. when in the office there were 2 guys there and I was not expecting that.. they laughed and told me that they were nice guys that liked to have 3 some’s and would tip me nicely if we had a good time.. I explained that I was trans and still had my small clitty.. I explained that I do like to suck but only to get them hard and keep them hard .. that if they wanted to cum with me being part of it that they would be cumming inside of my pussy., they just smiled and agreed and started getting naked so did I.. I was naked first so I took the opportunity to take both their cocks in hand and stroke them a bit till they were naked.. then I went to my knees and started kissing and licking and sucking each of their cocks in turn., they both were about 7” and about average in girth., when they were both getting very hard I told them that I was extremely horny and needed to be fucked really well.. I explained that I had found that 10 min.. was about as long as a guy really lasted before he started thinking he wanted to cum so we should every 10 min switch out and make them both last as long as they could., they liked the idea and found a timer and set it.. the first guy wanted to bend me over the back of the chair and did so.. he lubed me up and himself.. I could feel his cock head moving between my cheeks before he found my pussy hole.. then slowly and deliberately he started pressing into me.. after a bit I was getting very turned on and wanted him in me so I started wiggling and pushing back every time he pushed forward.. soon the head slipped in and he kinda stopped for a moment.. I was so sexually charged that I just thrust onto his cock driving him balls deep into me.. he was shocked and taken back.. I gasp and moaned and quivered with pleasure.. he then took ahold of my hips and dug his fingers into them and started thrusting into me.. slowly at first then more aggressively.. I began to moan and talk a little dirty to them.. which kinda got both of them going.. while the first one fucked me the other kissed and made out with me and played with my tits and nipples.. when he the second guy pushed me more up right and started sucking on my nipples I really lost it.. I was moaning quite loudly and bucking back on the cock that was pounding my pussy.. then it was time to swoop places.. the second guy wanted me on my back on the desk so they cleared a spot and i got on the desk.. slid my ass to the edge so it hung off a bit and spread my legs to allow access to my pussy.. the second guy wasted no time driving balls deep into me.. taking my breath and making me shudder and give out a muffled moan!! Then with my legs on his shoulders he proceeded to pound away into me.. he every time I reached to touch my clitty slapped my hand away!! He was being quite aggressive and hitting the right spot a lot and sending sexual pleasure spasms through my body.. I would twinge and quiver a bit with each spasm of pleasure.. he said he could feel my pussy tighten every time I spasm.. the other guy was kissing me and playing with my nipples. Pinching them and tweaking them.. then he started sucking on them hard and using his tongue while he had it sucked into his mouth.. all of this was driving me sexually crazy.. I wanted them to cum in me I wanted to feel their cum in me and I wanted to cum and make a mess everywhere.. my pussy was feeling amazing and him hitting that spot a lot kept me on the edge of exploding.. then time to change again.. this time doggy style on the floor.. I must ad mit I don’t mind doggy but it is not my favorite.. most of the time when guys want doggy they want to get it in you and cum and it be done., and that was what happened he drove into me and within a couple min he exploded deep inside me.. he stayed there till he fell out.. so the other guy put me back on the desk this time on my stomach.. a position that really kinda limits your ability to move and react to what is going on.. you can move a little but I love to be part of what is going on and contributing to the actions.. so he folded the cushion of the chair and placed to under my hips to elevate my pussy for better access.. he then got on the desk with me and straddled my legs and slid up agents my ass.. he then opened my ass cheeks and poured a bunch of lube on my pussy and ass.. then laid his cock in my ass crack and poured more on his cock and my ass.. I knew he was preparing for his final assault on my pussy.. I was ready and waiting for him.. I wanted needed his cum and I was ready to add mine to the lube that was on the top of the desk.. he pulled back and moved his cock head to line up with my pussy.. by this time t was stretched and had so much lube on and in me that he slid in easily balls deep.. he leaned forward and placed his hands in the small of my back and lowered his weight on to me basically pinning me in place.. then he went to work pounding away.. in this position he couldn’t really hit that sweet spot so I knew it was just going to be pound town till he got off.. I would every now and again clinch my pussy so I could feel him in me better and him feel me clinch as well.. after about 45 min of him pounding my pussy he stiffened up and drove himself as deep as he Gould go which sent me over the edge.. we both were moaning shaking and quivering there in a gooey mess.. he continued to fuck me for another 10 min or so till his cock fell out of me.. then he laid down on top of me and we kissed and made out till we caught our breath.. then we got up and wiped up some and I cleaned my self as best I could.. got dressed and did the walk of shame to my bike leaking their cum the hole time.. I rode my bike home leaking their cum and my pussy feeling amazing being freshly fucked..

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    Re: Another walk down memory lane

    Antics ? Antics ?

    You my friend are an entire season of Saturday Night live

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    Re: Another walk down memory lane

    Quote Originally Posted by Jazminedress View Post
    Antics ? Antics ?

    You my friend are an entire season of Saturday Night live
    I know, right?

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    Re: Another walk down memory lane





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