Photos of my uncut dick

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I'm not willing to put photos of my face on the internet, but no problem posting photos of my cock. It's uncut, average size and loves to be sucked.
  1. Found myself alone in a hotel.
  2. Can we swap uncut cock photos?
  3. Decided to get naked and take a photo of my dick.
  4. I just watched a video of myself sucking my friends cock and I got myself hard. I can?t wait to suck his dick again. In the meantime I?m gonna jerk...
  5. Yes, it was cold in that room and my balls needed to stay warm. But my cock was hard and tasty!
  6. Happy new year!! 2024 will be the year for more cock sucking and jerking off!
  7. Give your dick some strokes. Get it semi-hard and take a photo and send it to me.
  8. Just admiring my cock. I love how it looks with some natural light.
  9. Who wants to let me suck their cock as I stroke my own?
  10. Would you put your tongue on the tip and let me push my foreskin over it?
  11. A little morning sun on my cock. Had to stroke it.
  12. Love jerking off. Who would like to join me?
  13. Would you let me play with myself in front of you?
  14. I love looking at my cock, but I love sucking cock even more.
  15. I love giving and getting a nice slow blow job.
  16. Uncut and ready. I will jerk off in front of you, if you want.
  17. Gently pull back my foreskin and give it a little lick.
  18. Let it hang and get some air.
  19. Foreskin is ready.
  20. There is nothing like the feeling of slowly pulling the foreskin back.
  21. Freshly showered, shaved and uncut.
  22. I like how this feels.
  23. Half on half off.
  24. Sorry for the blurry photo of my shiny head.
  25. Was texting a guy about sucking cock and he wanted some photos of my dick hanging out of my jeans. I liked how they looked so I thought I'd share.
  26. Pull the skin back just a little to show the head of my cock.
  27. Uncut, showered, and freshly shaved.
  28. I want to shave in front of you.
  29. I normally keep myself nicely shaved but decided to grow some stubble.
  30. It's really nice to have the foreskin pulled back just a tad bit to expose the tip. After I took this photo I jerked off watching videos of heavy...
  31. Sometimes a soft dick likes to get out.
  32. I got to taste my own pre-cum.
  33. I love the feeling of being freshly shaved. It’s cold though and my balls are trying to stay warm. Whenever I shave, I have to jerkoff. Anyone else...
  34. Shower time
  35. On a Zoom call at work. Thought it would be fun to play a game of dick-out.
  36. Sometimes it's fun to not pull back the foreskin.
  37. Take a little peek.
  38. A little stretch
  39. I want safe and discreet fun with another man.
  40. I like to pull my foreskin down and then pull it back.
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