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  1. A straight but flexible point of view

    by , Feb 4, 2012 at 5:46 PM (DD's Corner This and That and in between)
    I never really understood what it felt like to be the odd one out until I came to I was straight as an arrow and deeply in love with my partner, a bisexual male, or as I like to say with a male that just happens to be bisexual. When he first told me about his being bisexual, ironically enough by sending me to the site to view his profile, I wasn't shocked. We had met in a PG13 chat room and sometimes the things he said made me wonder. We married in that game and I found he treated me better than my real life husband, the little things like remembering upcoming events that were important to me really opened my eyes up. When I got over the fear of being alone and told my unfaithful husband I wanted a divorce I found I was never really alone at all. Within two weeks my partner and I became a sexually involved cybering couple and love grew that culminated in me going to NZ 8 months after we started being involved to see if it was real. It was. I am now happily making plans to move to New Zealand and he is ready to get married for the first time in his real life.

    What gets frustrating for me is the amount of people who view us as an "internet relationship", clearly these people don't understand that when you are honest with someone love can really bloom online and it can even be stronger than anyone who meets up at a bar or any other place in real life. We cyber, we phone, we exchange some very intense erotic stories and all in all we have a better sex life than some couples who actually share a bed together.

    I have slowly begun to realize through long talks with him that I am not purely straight even though I have no sexual attraction at all to females. But some of the scenarios we discuss sound very interesting and I am open to the idea of some contact in the future as part of something we share as a couple. So I call myself heteroflexible, to me that means I am straight but I have an open mind. I am not rigid in my sexuality as some are and defend my right to call myself by a label I self identify by.

    There are times I wish a certain few posters would understand that what works for them doesn't work for all and not everything posted in wikipedia is applicable to all people. We are all unique and we all have quirks and we all deserve to be given the opportunity to be who we are fully without anyone judging or thinking we are lying to ourselvs or in denial about bisexuality. If I was bisexual, I'd proudly claim it, but I'm not. I'm heteroFLEXIBLE, yes emphasis on the flexible. I am me and that's all I ever want to be is me.:tongue:
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