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  1. "Crazy" Cousin

    I sometimes mention my "crazy" cousin who, in order for us to have sex, wanted to, well, roleplay with me as his "Master" and him as my obedient "slave" and a situation that drove me nutty because I was used to guys being straight up about having sex but, okay, if that's what it took, then that's what we'll do.

    My thoughts about him go back to a night where I was going at him hot and heavy, our naked and sweaty bodies grinding together, and I was alternative between "screwing" him and sucking his dick and ordering my slave to suck mine after he begged me not to make him do it. I'd gone back to, essentially, frotting him when I clearly remember his whole body going stiff for a moment, followed by a little shudder, which was followed by him saying, "I think we should stop now."

    I thought something was wrong; then I thought that maybe he had shot his stuff for the first time but as I moved away from him, his dick was still hard and there was no evidence that he'd shot his stuff - that would happen the following weekend and like it was for me, it wasn't exactly a good moment but he had me to explain to him what he'd just done in my mouth - and he was okay after that.

    It took me a lot of years thinking about that particular night to realized that while he hadn't busted a nut, he did have a powerful orgasm that both scared him and shut him down and leaving me to think that I'd done something wrong, uh, I mean on top of the wrongness we were already doing.
  2. In Learning Mode - Part II

    In the space of two short years, I learned some shit about sex that, well, I wasn't supposed to learn. Girls weren't all that yucky. Boys do have sex with other boys. Eating pussy is fun! Having sex with my sister and brother... just made sense even though I knew that our parents would do horrible things to me if they found out and I'd be blamed for it because I was the oldest and they wouldn't accept that my having sex with them was their idea.

    I quickly learned how funny girls were about who got to do it to them. I knew why but I didn't like it but that was okay because being able to have sex with a guy was so much easier. I learned how to suck dick really good and I learned the "tricks" to be able to take dicks of all sizes in my butt and that even though it was very wrong for an adult to have sex with a kid, it didn't stop them from doing it and I loved the rush of sucking their dick and tasting their jizz and how it hurt but felt good to feel them pressing as much of their dick into my ass as they could without causing me any damage... and shooting jizz in me and, of course, a lot more than my male peers were capable of.

    I learned how to have sex. In spectacular and, yes, embarrassing fashion looking back as an adult. And I was learning much more than that. Like there was a word for someone who had sex with both boys and girls: Bisexual. If learning about sex was the rush to end all rushes, learning that there was a word for what I'd been doing was an even bigger rush but one that came with even more questions than the ones I'd already been pondering and seeking the answers for and more so when it was 100% clear that the worst person in the world that you could be was... a homosexual. Learning what the word meant. Being intelligent enough to be able to put it all together. Understanding that I wasn't a homosexual but, boy, did I ever love having sex with guys! Loved it even more with girls but, yeah, they were very afraid of getting pregnant and many of them didn't want sperm in their mouth or their butt and... that sucked.

    But there was always a guy who wanted to do it. Always. Learning that what we were doing wasn't the only place where boys were doing it to boys. In a time where racial tensions were very high, I learned that whites really weren't all that different from me. I learned cultural differences that shocked me because white kids behaved in ways that I wouldn't dare do, like, talking back to my parents and even cussing at them! But I learned that they, too, liked having sex and they were... less afraid of doing it and didn't much care if they got caught doing it.

    Eighty percent of what I learned about sex was learned before I was 13. I knew what to do. How to do it. Learning why I shouldn't have been fucking my sister because she could get pregnant - and her telling me that as long as that didn't happen, she didn't see what the problem was... and I didn't either. Having sex with my brother was both a joy and a pain but while guys were going through that period - The Drought - I didn't have that problem because I could get laid and didn't even have to leave home to do it. This was... good and bad at the same time. I... understood it. Damned near all of it. I didn't realize it then but I would keep learning about having sex and why the world was so... funny about it. Understanding that the man who introduced me to sex with guys legally abused me and understanding that I didn't feel abused at all. I actually thank the man for bribing me so he could get off because it made me learn some very important shit that wasn't just having sex and getting filled up with cum... or being the one doing the filling.
  3. In Learning Mode - Part I

    In rapid succession, I first learned how to put my dick in a girl's pussy. I remember those first, strange, and wonderful feelings being inside of her and what I would eventually learn was those first tingles of orgasm that also felt strange, kinda scary, but felt good just the same. Then I learned about having a dick in my mouth and tasting cum and, hmm, I wasn't sure what this stuff was in my mouth but it tasted kinda sweet, kinda salty and there was a lot of it and I just... swallowed it. It was fucking amazing and so was feeling him squirting his cum between my butt cheeks and even getting some of it in me and I would later understand that it happened because he was oozing so much pre-cum and I was so relaxed that he pushed a little of the head of his dick in me when it came. Having felt it pumping in my mouth was quite the strange experience and so was feeling it between my butt cheeks.

    The sex thing I was told to not even think about was da shit to end all shits. I was already hooked on being able to stick my dick inside a girl and now, this. Couldn't wait to tell my male friends about it and was kinda surprised that a couple of them already knew about this but that was fine and those who didn't know - but wanted to - found out in short order. None of us could shoot what we called the "baby making stuff" but we quickly figured out that (1) it felt wonderful to have someone sucking our dick and just as wonderful sticking it in someone's butt - and after we figured out that Vaseline, baby oil, lotion, and even the hair grease our mothers would pack onto our head did a great job of us being able to get our dicks into each other's ass holes... and quickly learning to keep it clean, too.

    Cumming for the first time. Scary as fuck. Scarier than being hit by a car. Learning that I shouldn't have been able to do that when I did and just before I officially turned nine. The mad rush to tell all of my friends that I could shoot the stuff - and finding out that the girl I shot mine into had already told everyone. No matter. Boys and girls wanted me to shoot my stuff in them. Mouths. Asses. Pussies. For about six months, I was the most popular guy on the block and the one guy everyone wanted to do it with and then feeling kinda sad when the other guys finally caught up and could shoot - but that was okay, too, because I loved it when they'd shoot in my mouth and ass and more than once. Having contests to see how many times someone could shoot before not being able to. There were always winners and "no losers" all that much.

    I remember the first girl who sucked me off. I remember telling her that I was gonna shoot because other girls had told me that I'd better tell them that I was going to do that - or else. I told her and... she didn't stop and I came in her mouth and immediately got "scared" because most of the girls didn't like how it felt and tasted. But she liked it. She wanted more of it in her mouth. Girls were learning, too. If they wanted to keep their cherry - and they had to - sucking me off or letting me fuck them in the ass were the things that had to be done but as we all got older, girls got... stingy. Less interested in doing the nasty and some said that it was... safer for them to do to another girl.

    That's about the time, in the tenth year of my birth, I learned about eating pussy and how to do it. I remember almost throwing up on my sister's pussy because having my face down there was so damned weird. I remember that first lick and taste. How she smelled. The look on her face when I slid my tongue along her slit and came in contact with her "little man in the boat" and how she said it felt good... and I'd better do it again and keep doing it. I remember her sucking me off right after she said that she couldn't take anymore of me licking and sucking on her pussy. I remember the look she got on her face when I told her I was going to shoot and she didn't stop - and she told me later that she didn't stop because she wanted to know why some girls liked having the stuff in their mouth and why some girls hated it. I'll never forget that look of her thinking about if she liked it or not.

    Then fucking her because... it just made sense to and, well, she insisted on it because she decided that she didn't like the taste of my stuff and it was better for me to shoot it in her pussy... after I licked and sucked it again, of course.
  4. Adult theater, the gay side first.

    [COLOR=#303030][FONT=Roboto]This is true. I went to an adult theater in Palm Beach to get some dick..There are only two theaters one gay and one straight but both equally fun. I was wearing some gym shorts that I had cut the lining out and a tshirt. I went in the gay side and stood next to this guy. I slowly moved my hand to his dick. He reached over and kissed me and pulled me to him then push me down on my knees. He pulled his pants down and revealed one sweet cock. I started to suck him and he put his hands on my head so I would go deep. There were other guys there watching. After a few minutes of sucking he had me stand. He pulled my tshirt over my head and pulled my shorts down and off. I was naked. He gave me my clothes and grabbed my dick. He lead me from the gay theater to the straight one. Guys were in there and most took a good look as we came in. He took me to a back row where guys usually set looking for some action. He took me to one guy and offered my service. I was on my knees again this time sucking a nice but small cock. After him he moved me to another guy and another until I had sucked off five guys. He had me suck him again and he shot a huge load in my mouth that he had me swallow. He left. That was so much fun and so hot and so true.[/FONT][/COLOR]
  5. The Day it Really Got Real For Me

    [FONT=arial][SIZE=3]I'd been having sex with guys since I was nine and just sucking and fucking my way through those early years of my life with near reckless abandon and to the point where it became as normal a thing to do as breathing is. One day, I was at the park across the street from my house and working on my basketballs skills and, in particular, working on my left-handed shots when a guy stepped onto the court and asked if he could join me. I said he could, we introduced ourselves, and for a while, we were just shooting around before playing several games of one-on-one (and I wrecked shop on him, by the way) until we were both drenched in sweat and damned near dehydrated.

    I knew he wasn't from the hood so when he asked where he could get some water, the least I could do was take him home with me and water him - and myself - and I even gave him use of the bathroom to wash the funk and crusty, salty, sweat residue off, which he was very happy to do. After washing up, we sat and inhaled large quantities of nice, ice cold water and started talking about the other courts scattered throughout the city and the best ballers at each place and, in particular, he asked me if I knew about this one court that some city planner decided would be better placed within a wooded area near the outskirts of the city limits - and I knew the court he was talking about and it wasn't famous for the high level of basketball talent being displayed.

    It was best known for what some guys were doing in the woods between games or while waiting to have next, namely, fucking and sucking each other. It was pretty common at this particular court given the amount of testosterone being let loose in the air as guys sought to imitate their favorite NBA players and especially the amazing Julius "Dr. J." Erving. He confessed that he'd spent some time in the woods between games and I just nodded knowingly because I'd spent some time in the woods as well... so I wasn't all that surprised when he asked if we could blow each other.

    We stripped down right there in my living room, took a moment to look at and appreciate each other's cock, and got to sucking right there on the floor and I thought it was funny that we both were trying to outdo each other just like when we were playing ball and the race was on to see who could get the other guy to cum first. He lost that one, too, filling my mouth with a good amount of spunk but I wasn't too far behind him in that regard.

    We disengaged and sat there grinning at each other as well as complimenting each other on our most excellent cock sucking skills and agreeing that after we gulp down some more water, we should do it again. We got at each other again, both of us kinda/sorta taking our time when he stopped sucking me and said, "You know, we should fuck each other - what do you think?"

    I thought it was a great idea given that during our second round, we had our fingers in each other's butts. We literally flipped a coin to see who'd get fucked first - he lost that one, too, and after hauling ass to the bedroom to get some lube, I lubed us up and gratefully slide into his ass and fucked him until I exploded inside him.

    "Damn, that felt so good!" he said as I withdrew and flopped over onto my stomach to await his penetration. A few seconds later, I felt his lubed finger sliding into my hole like the proverbial hot knife through butter and I couldn't wait to feel the head of his dick going in there when I thought, "He's gonna fuck me..."

    And for the first time in my bisexual life, that thought seemed to bother me - a lot. It bothered me so much that I barely noticed when he got on top of me and pushed his dick into me and started fucking me nice and slow... and I felt so girly that I almost had a panic attack because in all the years that I'd been in this exact same position and situation, I'd never felt anything like this before.

    He's fucking me, telling me how good my hole feels around his dick and that he loved it when I'd tighten my muscles around him - and something I was doing automatically because my mind was having a fit dealing with the fact that there was a guy fucking me and just like I was a girl... and, my god, it was feeling... too good? He had just the right amount of dick to nudge my prostate on the down stroke, sending those amazing orgasmic feelings through me and actually making me spill my seed despite not being hard. Still, my mind was kinda/sorta paying attention to how good he was fucking me but was still distracted about how it was making me feel in other ways.

    Bitchy. Girly. Submissive. Vulnerable. He pulled out of me and flipped me onto my back, threw my legs up and open, and re-entered me... I and clung to him in a position that my body just didn't like being in - I could never get my hips to behave properly in the missionary position (and I still can't). I looked down between us and I could see his cock working in and out of me, could see the intense look on his face and I felt even more... feminine. Girly. Bitchy. Horribly vulnerable. One part of me want him to stop while another part of me wanted him to not stop making me feel this way.

    He grunted; I felt his cock swell in my ass... then felt him releasing into me and, god, it was always, for me, the best part of being fucked but this time? Better than any other time I'd had my hole creamed... and it was very damned scary because I could feel myself losing control of my emotions and could hear myself begging and pleading for him to give me more dick, to keep fucking me.

    Which, of course, now that he'd flooded my ass with sperm, wasn't going to happen. When he pulled out of me, I felt so empty and lost that I could feel the tears starting to well up in my eyes - what the hell is going on? That he leaned forward and planted a light kiss on my lips didn't make me feel better... but it also did. He got up and went upstairs to the bathroom and I just laid where I was, legs splayed open, his spunk oozing out of my ass; he returned with a soapy wash cloth and cleaned me up from cock to ass before going back down on me to get me good and hard.

    I didn't think that was gonna happen; I was physically and, now, emotionally spent but I'll be damned if he didn't get me back up again before lubing me up so he could have a seat on my dick.

    "Are you okay?" he asked once he had every inch of me that could go inside him.

    "Yeah... no, not really," I said.

    "You wanna stop?"

    "No... you're already there so let's do it," I said, trying to shake that very weird feeling away. And it was fading away as I watched him riding my dick effortlessly; he was enjoying himself and, to be honest, I was enjoying it, too, right up until I heard him say, "God you're really making me feel so girly... and I love it!"

    As he rode me - and I was yanking on his cock - his words hit me hard because that's exactly how I'd been feeling but that didn't seem to upset him as much as it shocked the living daylights out of me. It took a while but he eventually shot a load onto my stomach and I got around to shooting a load into him once more. We disengaged and stumbled up the steps for one last clean up and even though we were both telling each other how good the sex had been, I was very disturbed by what I'd felt and I just couldn't understand why, after all the years I'd been fucked, I'd never felt anything like this before.

    And to this very day, I still don't know although I did get to understand the feeling and come to terms with it. But what I couldn't figure out was if he was the reason why I felt like a wanton, needy bitch in heat... or it was an evolution of sorts in my bisexuality or had I finally "grown up" enough for my mind and body to reveal and accept the real truth of what it meant to have sex with another guy?

    I never was able to answer the question; my mind just accepted - finally - that it is what it is so instead of letting it bother me should I feel that way again (and I sure as hell did), just accept it; go with it. Revel in what it meant to be fucked and rejoice even more in that moment when the guy fucking me got to the bursting point and inseminated me...

    And just as if I were a girl.[/SIZE][/FONT]

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    Inside My Bi Mind
  6. Sex in the Middle

    I wonder if anyone else has had this desire or if this is a phase I am going through in my life. I have had a tremendous sex life with women and it has been enjoyable for both. My bi side has been unexplored mainly except when younger and one short time about 5 years ago. I am in my mid 50's and all the sudden I am having desires to apply my lips only to the ocassion. That is what I call sex in the middle, not fucking or climaxing necessarily myself but please a man or a woman with my lips.

    The one and only male experience (except when younger) happened in a car with a fellow co-worker friend of mine that was rathe impromptu. He wanted to see mine and I wanted to see his. His penis was nestled in his shorts and I sucked him to cum and swallowed for the first time. There wasn't time for me to cum cause we had to get back to work. It was though a pleasurable experience doing it for him. This started me thinking how great it would be to pleasure a penis or a pussy with my lips and my fingers without an orgasm on my part. This is not to say I would not want one but now I am getting a thrill out of the thought of providing a make or female some lip pleasure. Anyone else been like this?
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