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  1. My First Experience

    So about 25 years ago I was on AOL, drunk and went into a Local M4m room. I was just curious and I guy started IMing me. We were chatting and he asked to come over. I said yes and he headed over. I figured he would blow me or I would fuck my first guy.

    He came over and we chatted and headed to the living room, I was super nervous... he stopped me and pushed me up against the wall and then grabbed my head and started kissing me. I didn't know what to do so I went with it and still shocked this was happening. Then he got on his knee and pulled my short down. I was not wearing any underwear. He then lightly but firmly grab my penis and start sucking my off. His grasp was much firmer then a woman but just the right amount. How he held my penis in his hand while the pressure and suction of his mouth all the way down my dick. The way his finger touched me as he played with me balls. At the same time I was just like.. I can't believe I am naked with another guy and he is blowing me. After a while he stopped and asked if I was ready. I said yes but had no idea what to do next. He stood up and he kissed me again and then turned me around and then bend me over with my face side to the couch. He started rubbing my back and ass. I have never done this before I was not sure what was going on. I had never thought about even bottoming before. It never accrued to what it be prepared for. He stopped for a minute and I started to over think what was happening while he was putting the condom on. He then put is hand down of the crack of my ass. I didn't know what to think as he put a little lube around and inside me asshole. I then felt his finger starting in my ass. I was just dumb founded as I thought this was going to be my first blowjob from a guy. I then felt one hand on my hip and then his top of his dick burrowing in my ass. I couldn't move as I thought if I was anything I'd be a top. I had never done this before so I didn't know what to do, how to move, what was ok to do or say. He then started putting his dick further inside me. OMG did it hurt but oddly ok. He keeps asking me if I am OK. I don?t know what sounds I was making but I let him keep going. He asked if he wanted me to stop and I said NO, so we continued. It had been about 10 minutes and then he pulled out and had me sit on the couch. He split my legs apart leaned over me and then put my each leg on a separate shoulder. He then inserted his cock inside me again. I then really saw the size of him and how big he was and how that was inside me. He was slow to start and worked his way fast and a little deeper from time to time. He was always checking if I was ok and again not sure what sounds I was making but he asked again if he should stop. I asked you cum yet and he said no. I said go until you finish. He start faster in and out of me and he slowed and said are you ok? I said keep going! It hurt but I wanted / felt he should finish. I didn't know what was right or wrong way when having sex with another male. Like it was any different than sex with a female. My logic was definitely not working at that time. He pulled out and cum. Everything was my first, first male on male experience, first blow job from a guy, first time a penis was in my asshole, the first time I saw another man face he made while ejaculating and the first time I got a man off with my body. There was a towel on the table and he grabbed it and wiped me down and then himself. He then kissed me and then asked for the shower.

    While he was in the shower I sat thinking oh what the fuck just happen? I have just been blown and fucked by another man. Was this right? Was this wrong? Am I gay? Why do I still like woman? So many things going through my head. I got up and cleaned myself up hoe bath style. He then came out of the both room and got dressed while we talked, I was still completely naked. We chatted for about another 20 minutes and he said he needed to go. I walked him to the front door. He started to open the door and then turned around and we started making out again for another few minutes. He said we want to meet up again and he would see me online.

    He came over 2 more times over the next couple month while I was still living at that same place. There is a part two I may share one day we I moved to a different state, I found out he was also living in the same city...
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