The Devils - Part III

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I learned that I can be both hunter and hunted. By the devil I know and the one I don't. I don't know how many times I've been surprised by the devil I know to find out that if we were to have sex, um, that wouldn't be that bad of a thing - and I had no idea, clue, or indication that he was even interested in such things. I learned that men are both opportunistic and spontaneous and a proposition can manifest itself at any time or reason; I've been joking with a guy and we're doing the "blow me" and "fuck you" thing and come to find out that they weren't joking. Okay, what the hell is up with this?

And I learned some stuff about it. Even coming from guys who've said that until this moment, they never gave any thought about it but they've also said that they've felt that there was... something about me that told them that, essentially, they could ask without getting their head handed to them. I saw that if my male friends who I didn't know were down like this could "see" this about me, men who don't know me could see it, too - and they did. And now, they have five minutes to convince me and, most of the time, I've made my decision before they even get to "officially" asking me to have sex with them.

I have lost a lot of male friends because I found out that they were the devil I thought I knew... and I didn't know them at all. I've experienced more problems with the devil I know than I have with the devil I didn't know and other than being raped that one time, the worst thing I've gotten from the devil I didn't know was some sex that wasn't all that good. I have NEVER gotten an STD and I'm HIV-negative. A combination of luck and making it my business to be able to determine if a guy is... unhealthy and before any dicks come out to play. I had to learn this because I stood a better chance of having sex with the devil I didn't know than I did the one I did know. I've said yes to the "stranger" a lot of times... and I've said no a lot more times and I've even told the devil I know that, no, I don't think that would be a good idea for either of us.

It strikes me as being very odd that we don't "fear" strange women and if we think we can hit on her, we will but if she hits on us, that might make us suspicious at best but, nah, not all that much. But many of us are scared to death over being propositioned by the male devil we don't know and are of a mind that it's better to assume that there will be problems than to take those five minutes to feel him out and being of a mind to ask questions until you can make an informed decision one way or the other. We want... the sure thing in this and, preferably, with the devil we know. We seem to be of a mind that having an FWB is the safest option and, well, I would never assume that because I don't know where his dick has been when he's not with me or who's been in his ass since the last time I was in it.

And if you're predisposed to being afraid of the devil you don't know, well, if you're not getting the dick you want, you might want to think about this. "Trust" but verify. We assume that casual sex is dangerous and, well, it can be and that's just a fact of the matter but it is... unrealistic to think or believe that it's always dangerous because it can be just as dangerous with the devil you know, too - and that includes women because if you knew what I know about pussies, um, you might think twice about fucking women... but in any of this, it's about being able to accept the inherent risks of sex and being of a mind to deal with the consequences and if you're risk-adverse, guess what you won't be doing any time soon... and if at all.

It always comes down to what will break a deal for you... and then being of a mind to not break a deal or, as I've said, "Give me a reason not to have sex with you." Oddly, the devil you know will do that more than the devil you don't but if you know what to "look" for, they can sour the deal, too. It's why I have only three requirements: Be of legal age to consent to sex wherever we happen to be; be healthy enough to have sex; don't be my idea of an asshole.

The devils I don't know usually fail that last thing... and a lot of the devils I do know are... assholes but likeable assholes... but I'd never have sex with them even if I wanted to. Obviously, I have no fear of the devil I don't know because I have learned that good sex is where you find it and you can find it with damned near everyone if they don't mind or if you don't. Be safe. Protect yourself at all times and that include with the devil you do know. But I know how fucked up it can be to have guess incorrectly about the devil I thought I knew. I just learned and... remained open to the many opportunities that will, somehow, somewhere, and when I least expect it... show up. Hey, how 'bout we go somewhere and give each other a blow job?

Works for me but any... funny stuff will be dealt with and if it's harshly, well, don't give me a reason to be that way and I won't give you a reason for shit turning ugly. At the end of any day, you gotta do what you gotta do and in any of this, you gotta do some work and whether it's with the devil you know or the one you don't. "Strangers" don't stay strange once introductions are made and information is exchanged. You might not know "everything" about him but he's not as strange as he was before you met each other. Take all the time you need to make that informed decision and if it takes you longer than five minutes to decide, methinks it's best not to do anything at the time the proposition is made. But if you're of a mind to say no before you get any information, eh, that might be a mistake considering that you likely stand less of a chance of getting the dick of the devil you do know... or you think you do.

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