In the Beginning - Part III

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This, all by itself, taught me a lot about sex and sexuality; I learned that while parents guarded against siblings having sex with each other, they couldn't really stop it from happening and it was happening all around me and I bore witness to a lot of this behavior that very much played into discovering that having sex with boys and girls was the thing to do and was better than just relying on one or the other.

While so many of my peers were afraid to have sex, well, I wasn't one of them. Getting into the teenaged years changed a lot of things for me but there were now plenty of guys who were just now being visited by puberty and it seemed to compel them to have sex with other guys and, well, I knew so much more than they did about it and didn't have any qualms about it.

I'll say that things didn't get "iffy" and complicated until the adult years; I was still very much active as a bisexual and the events of the times pretty much made sure that I was getting plenty of dick and, sometimes, thanks to the women who were now of a mind to not give it up without putting a high price on it - but being aware that women were all for getting some pussy on the side because, well, because.

A lot of social shit played into bisexuality in the 1970s and into the 1980s and there were guys who were curious about sex with men and those guys so desperate for sex that "breaking down" and having it with a dude was the only real recourse they had other than masturbating several times a day so for me, business was still very brisk and aided by now being in an open marriage that I didn't want to be in but I was determined to make the best of and reveling in having sex with both men and women openly even in the continued angst over homosexuality.

I tend to say that it's not so much what I did growing up but what I learned from it that made the biggest difference in my bisexuality and by the time I was a legal adult, I had a very good grip and picture of sex and sexuality although being "in the middle of things" was often met with derision - yeah, that being greedy nonsense and other such falsehoods uttered by people who didn't understand sex the way I learned to understand it and then having problems with sex that I... just didn't have. Being able to introduce so many grown men to the joys of getting some dick was fun but also taught me a great deal about... men and how easily we can justify doing something that morality says we should never do. Learning their fears and learning how to get them to set those fears aside so that they could experience, see, and learn the things I learned as a child who wound up being introduced to sex in some pretty interesting and fulfilling ways.

I never claim to be an expert in male bisexuality but... I know a lot about it; I made it my mission to know about it even if only to better understand how bisexuality plays such an important role in my life as a whole while getting to learn about other men and women who were either old hands at being bisexual or were only now finding out that there is such a thing as going both ways... and it can be very damned good, too.

I maintain that 80% of what I learned about sex and sexuality was learned before I was 16 and learning in ways that I knew would and could make a lot of people... shit themselves but that's because, again, they didn't understand sex the way I was learning to understand it... and enjoying it.

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