My Masturbation Session

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Masturbation for me is more than a few seconds of orgasmic ecstasy, it's a sacred and spiritual thing.

I became addicted to masturbation early in life, in fact the first time I watched a friend stroke his erect cock and ejaculate I knew my life had changed forever. And, the first time I experienced the extreme pleasure of my first orgasm and watched my semen squirting from the eye of my cock, I knew this was the ultimate pleasure; and it's a pleasure I've enjoyed almost daily for more than fifty years.

The need to masturbate can strike me at any time in any place. It begins with the first twitch of my cock when something stirs deep inside me. A fleeting thought maybe, seeing an attractive girl, watching some porn, or simply realising I have the privacy and time to give myself some pleasure.

Once the decision is made, I usually lie on my back and gently fondle myself until my cock begins to engorge with blood and becomes semi erect. I immerse myself into my arousal and I begin to feel the spongy softness of my penis give way to hardness and full erection. Once erect I embrace the texture and feel of its smooth pale pink skin and my large mushroom shaped head that stands proud of my shaft. When I'm fully erect the skin feels like silk and stretches tightly around my cock like the membrane on a drum. On the underside of my cock my veins bulge out quite visibly, and as I gently fondle, my arousal starts to build with the knowledge that I'll soon be immersed in a sea of sexual pleasure.

I gently squeeze my balls and slowly rub and stroke my cock until I get pre-cum oozing from the eye. I continue stimulation of my cock and balls and rub the pre-cum lightly around the glans of my cock head. I turn my attention to the underside of my cock, tickling my frenulum with a single finger in a circular motion. Occasionally I pick up a fresh supply of pre-cum for lubrication whilst enjoying the sensation of my hand brushing and cradling my balls.

I place my thumb on the upper side of my cock and three fingers on the underside. Lightly, ever so lightly, I begin a stroking motion by moving the loose skin on my shaft up and down with a steady rhythm. As my arousal continues to build more blood is forced into my cock and the head feels so tight it could explode. I keep my excitement building with light stroking and the blue veins start to stand out and wind their way around my shaft like a cylindrical roadmap.

Soon a very pleasant sensation spreads into my pelvic region and I feel my seminal fluid flow into my urethral bulb; it only takes a few seconds but the sensation is quite distinctive and is the first sign of an impending orgasm. I stop stroking for a second or two and cup my balls feeling the weight of them excites me further. The feeling is sensational and I wipe a huge bead of pre-cum from the eye of my penis with the index finger of my left hand; I then slip it into my mouth. I adore the mild saltiness of my pre-cum. I release my balls and return to stroking. The sexual tension within my body is palpable, and I have to fight to control the urge to speed up and finish myself off.

By this stage around three minutes have passed and the build up towards orgasm intensifies. I move my hand up the shaft so that my thumb is placed over the corona where the swollen head of my cock stands proud from my shaft. Momentarily I return to tickling my frenulum with a single finger using my pre-cum as lubricant. Then, with two fingers on the underside and thumb on top I increase the pressure on my cock and start stroking at a more constant pace. As the feeling of impending orgasm spreads throughout my groin I might fantasise about my cock being buried in some tight little pussy. My hand easily slides up and down my shaft now; just as it's done so many times before. Pre-cum flows out of my slit and using my index finger I smooth it around the glans making it shiny and spread it over my bulging head.

"God I'm getting closer now," I think to myself. I'll have to be careful not to take myself beyond the point of no return and ejaculate; I want this to last a while yet. More stroking and I really feel my body now on the verge of orgasm. The familiar sensation of early stages of orgasm engulfs my body like slipping into a deep bath of hot pleasure. Soon my breathing becomes deeper and in shorter gasps and I'm totally focused on the exquisite sensations.... "Oh God, this is bliss" I think to myself. Then it starts; the pure pleasure of the emission phase and impending orgasm begins.

I sense the tickling of the fluids moving towards my prostate. I feel my pelvic muscle (the so-called 'pee muscle') contract during the emission phase and I realise I'm almost there, ready to go. My head is swimming with euphoria as the orgasm begins and the intense pleasure seems to climb the shaft of my cock. I'm only a millisecond away from ejaculation, head spinning with pleasure.

"Stop... now!" I think to myself and remove my hand from my cock. I press down internally with my pelvic muscle to stop myself ejaculating. As I hold muscle tension, my orgasm hangs for a few seconds before it slowly starts to subside. I look down and see my erect cock pulsing vigorously with contractions that would normally be expelling my semen. I lie here for a few moments basking in the euphoria and heightened state of arousal as my cock slowly stops twitching. About thirty seconds have gone by and I'm still in what I'd describe as a semi orgasmic plateau but I'm in no danger of ejaculating now.

A wonderful sense of anticipation engulfs me as I take hold of my cock once more. Slowly I begin stroking again, totally focused on my feelings and sensations. With just a few strokes this time I again sense the movement of the seminal fluids in my body and enter the emission phase once again. My pelvic muscle begins to contract and my body begins its second orgasm. The sensation seems to be centred in the head of my cock like a pleasurable tickling and spreads into my groin and abdomen. "Oh yes... Here it is again... That feeling" I think to myself as my head swims with euphoria. My pleasure climbs quickly and just as I'm about to ejaculate again, I stop all stimulation once more. Timing is critical; one stroke too many and I'll take myself over the edge and ejaculate.

I repeat this process a dozen times or more before allowing myself the reward of climax and ejaculation. During the session I remain suspended in a heightened state of arousal and sexual tension. It's wonderful. During each emission phase, more and more fluid accumulates inside my prostate so that when I do ejaculate, the amount of semen can be enormous.

Stroking again now; "this time I'm going all the way", I desperately need release now, I feel the tension of my built up fluids seeking release. Then, for one last time, I feel my semen travelling from my prostate up the shaft. My free hand cradles my balls now as the pleasure takes off. "Nearly there. Oh yes.... And then...." I'm there, the world stops, time stops and all sensation is centred on my cock head. "Oh God I'm cumming. Oh yes. Mmmmmh. Oh yes. I'm cumming, I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING......." My breathing stops momentarily as my body tenses.

All sensation is based in my cock as it glistens with my oozing pre-cum. Sensation of touch is magnified to extreme proportions. I exhale and indescribable pleasure overcomes me as I ejaculate a small release of cum four inches or so onto my lower abdomen. But a quick flick of my wrist releases a second, more potent stream; this time a rope of cum shoots out and lands about eight inches up my belly. I raise my hips to aid the next release of cum. The sensation is fantastic as I watch my cock exploding and releasing its creamy white lava.

My breathing stops again and my next shot, the third, is the greatest. The explosive force spurts the load of this discharge the furthest. It has landed on my chest. Still stroking and with another contraction deep inside another huge rope of cum explodes out of the tiny slit in my cock flying through the air and landing on my tummy leaving a trail of cum. At this moment my cock is the centre of the universe. Masturbation is my nirvana.

Another spasm and another smaller burst of cum. My next squirt is much weaker and joins the pools of warm cum lying on my lower belly. My hand is still stroking up and down my shaft rolling over the ridge of my cock head. I guess fifteen seconds have passed but time seems to have stood still. Two or three more contractions as more semen seeps like lava from the head of a volcano.

Just as I think it's all over another seizure hits me; my body tenses and the world freezes for a second or two. The next spasm is smaller and cum oozes out this time and runs down my cock head and over my fingers and thumb. Down the shaft it streams and starts a large cum pool at the base of my shaft. Oh so incredible. Another emission and another; no power now just warm viscous lava flowing down my cock and adding to the pool of creamy cum. All contractions are gone, my orgasm is over and I'm left with a wonderful sensation of contentment and satisfaction washing over my body.

As I lie there recovering my senses, my erection begins to quickly subside and my cock lowers itself into the pool of cum at the base of my cock; almost as if by invitation. I look at the time and realise forty minutes have passed since I began, and it seems like ten.

I lie here in absolute peace and contentment occasionally stroking my soaking wet cock, massaging my semen over my stomach and chest and occasionally I'll pick up a large pool in my fingers and lick it off with my tongue or suck it off. Even though I'm not fussed on the taste of cum, the thought of feeling the silky smooth semen in my mouth is a fitting end to my session.

I just can't wait until tomorrow.

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