"Crazy" Cousin

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I sometimes mention my "crazy" cousin who, in order for us to have sex, wanted to, well, roleplay with me as his "Master" and him as my obedient "slave" and a situation that drove me nutty because I was used to guys being straight up about having sex but, okay, if that's what it took, then that's what we'll do.

My thoughts about him go back to a night where I was going at him hot and heavy, our naked and sweaty bodies grinding together, and I was alternative between "screwing" him and sucking his dick and ordering my slave to suck mine after he begged me not to make him do it. I'd gone back to, essentially, frotting him when I clearly remember his whole body going stiff for a moment, followed by a little shudder, which was followed by him saying, "I think we should stop now."

I thought something was wrong; then I thought that maybe he had shot his stuff for the first time but as I moved away from him, his dick was still hard and there was no evidence that he'd shot his stuff - that would happen the following weekend and like it was for me, it wasn't exactly a good moment but he had me to explain to him what he'd just done in my mouth - and he was okay after that.

It took me a lot of years thinking about that particular night to realized that while he hadn't busted a nut, he did have a powerful orgasm that both scared him and shut him down and leaving me to think that I'd done something wrong, uh, I mean on top of the wrongness we were already doing. I remember lying next to him and feeling pretty shitty and thinking that we were never going to do this again but the next night, we were right back at it.

I had ordered him to put his dick in me and fuck me and I had sighed happily to feel his slippery prick slip between my cheeks and go right into me, giving my stomach that momentary queasy feeling that came from a fast entry. He's doing a good job of screwing me and I had it in my mind that, as in the other times he's screwed me, this was going to take a while because, unlike me, he wasn't shooting stuff - but he was having that associated orgasm; I remember lying under him and feeling great when I felt his prick "shiver" in my hole; his body had again gone stiff for a moment, followed by a shudder and I was expecting him to say that we had to stop - but he took a deep breath and kept on screwing me until he begged me not to stick my dick in his ass which was exactly what he wanted me to do.

I'm fucking him and it feels so good and so familiar, and he begs me not to shoot my stuff in him and minutes later, I'm shooting my stuff in him and I almost missed him going stiff and shuddering and there still wasn't any sign that he was ejaculating. He did stop me from trying to suck his dick and, again, it would be a lot of years before I figured out why but that moment was forgotten because the last night I stayed with him, I was having a good time sucking his dick and feeling him inside me and finishing the night by emptying my balls into his butt.

The night he busted his first nut took both of us by surprise. It was... business as usual but not really because the night began with him sucking my dick until I came, something he had said that he didn't like when we had tried it way back when we first got started. I don't know what changed and I had "ordered" him to tell me but he refused to say anything about it and I had shrugged it off and moved to go down on him. I was having a good old time sucking on his dick and his balls and I was thinking that I could do this to him all night when I felt his prick go really stiff in my mouth; I heard him say, "What...?" just before his whole body went stiff and... he flooded my mouth with his warm, sticky cum and I had a hell of a time trying to swallow it all down.

I took some time to explain to him what he'd just done, it was okay, and he was fine and had recovered enough to shoot a load of jizz into my butt. In fact, he had screwed me three times before we wore each other out and went to sleep and something that had never happened before. It was one hell of a night and one hell of an experience for both of us...

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