Anyone else ever do this??

  1. Asspussy302
    When I can't get fucked by a real cock, I really enjoy pounding my ass with my toys. I really like to video tape myself while I'm fucking my ass. Does anyone else do this?
  2. grand10
    I sure like to get pounded by my toys but have never filmed it. Love my toys.
  3. steamienix
    I have done it in the mirror and have pointed a camera to watch while I do it, but never filmed it because that's just asking for problems imho.
  4. biiand
    I have often filmed myself with my toys but just as soon as I cum, thats it, I always delete them.
  5. jimisbi
    I've taken pictures of myself with a dildo in me. The hardest part is to keep the dildo in my while I use my hands to position the camera and take a picture.
  6. bikiniman
    I love pounding my ass toys and like to watch myself in the mirror, Watch the dildo slide in and out of my ass. I enjoy taking photos as well
  7. bimaleinva
    I always take pictures and videos whilst I "fuck" myself!
  8. bi4asplay
    I have a zip drive full of vedios. Always makes me hard watching them.
  9. hotass65
    I always use my toys when I can't get a man, just finished using them on cam for guys to watch and jerk off by. I video myself using them and guys when they use me
  10. Bamcam69
    I often perform on webcam for others while using butt toys. It's a real turn on to have someone directing me and getting hard while watching me. Sometimes when I have had a little too much scotch, I get a little crazy. A few times I have gone and met people to get fucked, and a few times I have laid on the floor, pulled my feet up over my head and shot my load into my own mouth. Lots of fun. Lol
  11. Warren63
    I have videoed myself with large dildo stuck to wall while ride back and forth on it!
  12. MatthewX
    Yes I have.
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