Anyone straight but has a bisexual spouse?

  1. married2bif
    I am a straight male married to a bisexual woman with a preference for women. For some reason she has chosen me to be the only male in her sexual life. I read with interest, some post by husbands who are not happy that their wives are bisexual. I am not one of them. My wife handled her sexuality and marriage as good as it gets. She did not want to date women without me. She feels that it is not different than dating other men when married. Plus she needs to have feelings for her sex partner and she knew that was not a good thing when you are married. She was brilliant in luring her best girlfriend into having sex with me after her nasty divorce. Then my wife joined us and that led to about 38 years as a threesome or triad. Neither of us knew that her gf had sexual experiences in college just like they often talk about.

    My wife managed to have both a male and female in her life until abut 5 years ago. I am very happy that my wife is bisexual but do not know how happy I would be if she was dating women without me since she leans more towards femininity than masculinity. She enjoys the companionship of a woman and the security and feeling of safety, of a man. To her, the best sex is FFM sex. She need both and shares so my life has been great. Never any jealousy by either lady or ever a single problem. I had the freedom of being alone with either of them. I made sure that they both felt loved, attractive and desired. That is what most people want, not the stuff you see in porn videos or read about in sex forums.

    Any one else married to a bisexual spouse? Hard to find others in my situation. To me it is normal to be in love with a woman who likes women as much as I do. Every girlfriend I had since my teens are bisexual so that is all I know. I have no idea of what it is like to date a straight woman. I guess I could no longer expect her to point out the hot females at the mall or compare which one we would have sex with.
  2. DesireToo
    My wife is straight. I'm not. Wish she was bi, but .... What to do? Look for release in lingerie and seeking to be folded and loved - MMF. Share C&C to liquid bliss.... DesireToo / Atlanta
  3. over50time
    dating bisexual women and men
  4. walt0057
    My wife is straight I have been bi for yours
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