am i bi too?

  1. sysper
    i'm trying to figure it out for myself. sometimes gay sex is all i can think of, other times it just doesn't feel right. it can be confusing.
  2. swami
    sounds pretty much like me...married,love having sex with my wife, attracted to all sorts of women, but also fantasize a lot about being fucked by a lean muscular guy...BUT sometimes I can't picture it at all...confusing yes, but I am at the point whereI know that I am bi because of my attraction to the male form, and the fantasy is a big turn on, etcc...
  3. 69luvr
    Yes in my opinion you are bi but are reserved about it! Once you have an enjoyable HARD cock in your mouth you will know that you belong!
  4. atxbi
    69 is right. I was curious for a long time. But once I finally got a nice hard cock in my mouth, I instantly realized that that?s exactly where that cock belonged, and I was no longer curious.
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