Hotel Room Panties

  1. LovingJacking
    I recently found a used pair of navy blue panties in my hotel room, and what a thrill they added to my masturbation sessions on that trip. Of course I brought them home and have been enjoying them for a couple of weeks now. I tried to add a couple of photos of them, but the site will not upload pics.

  2. Luvpanties
    Cool, would love to see them! I always take plenty of goodies along when staying in a hotel ... just last weekend I was in Houston and wore my newest bikinis with slut heels and an ankle bracelet, had great cums and feels so awesome to wake up dressed like that!

    Would sure be nice if we could post pics!
  3. BiNylonFred
    I used to stay away a couple of nights a week and brought a pair of black tights / pantyhose. I would strip naked, pull them on over my already throbbing cock and watching myself in the mirror, push my hips back and forth until I climaxed. At those moments I wanted the person in the mirror to be real so I could rub against them. So horny. Rock hard writing this...
  4. opn2new
    I love dressing and playing into hotel rooms and even playing in the hallways and stair wells.
  5. cslutt
    I used to be on the road and stay in hotels for weeks on end and would wear panties, garter belt, stockings under my 3 pc suits as a district supervisor! At night I'd retire to my room, dress and flaunt myself in the mirror until I'd cum all over it, then leave it for the maid to clean up. One time, after multiple stays, a male service guy knocked on my door; I had not started my playtime yet. He told me about him cleaning up my jizz on the mirror and wanted to know if he could 'help me' with it! We stripped, put on panties and garter belts and stockings and made each other cum multiple times and yes, once on the mirror too!

    Then, a few week later, I got invited to another female's room for after dinner drinks (she was young and horny) - she dressed m in finery and sucked and fucked for hours!
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