The Taste of Cum

  1. ohbimale
    I have been bi all my life....almost 40 years. And I have always enjoyed the taste and texture of cum. I started in my younger years by cumming into my hand and eating my cum. Then I tried self sucking and cumming into my mouth. That was really good and made me want more with other guy's. By now I was hooked on dick and took a warm load of cum in my mouth the first time I sucked another man's cock. When he cum in my mouth that was the bomb and I was hooked for life on giving head.
  2. atxbi
    I must agree about the first time you swallow a load, I know I was hooked. I just said to myself, I guess I really am a consult.
  3. eager4cum
    my experience sounds very much like yours. I have been eating my own cum for more that 50 years and I also have sucked my best friends cock and love his cum. I can not even imagine not having cum with sex.
  4. Bisexual Explorer
    Bisexual Explorer
    I ate cum the first time I had MM sex - 69 in gay bath - loved the feeling his cock throb and then fill my mouth with his delicious cum. Been a cum slut ever since - my own, my partners', licking cum from a woman's pussy. Yes, I always swallow unless my partner and I cum kiss.
  5. wolff8u2
    I love mine. I have only tasted one other persons and it wasn't bad. I am used to the taste of mine. I would like to try others to see how much they differ.
  6. DavidTGD
    Funny enough I only like the taste of cum as long as I am aroused. As soon as I cum myself, I immediately lose interest. So I only like to swallow someone else's cum.
  7. GTS67
    I have only tasted another guys cum once when I was a teenager and don't remember too much about the taste but liked feeling his cock throbbing against my lips and filling my mouth. I've tasted my own though, although hard to do although my ex-wife helped by feeding it to me after catching it in a spoon a few times and I didn't mind the taste as it didn't have much of a taste but I did like the texture, it was erotic for both of us and is a part of why I'm curious.
  8. mac_46_46
    When I first got back into sucking cock about 8 years ago I wouldn't let anyone cum in my mouth. After a few times sucking cock I was determined to try it. WOW, what an experience!!! Now I absolutely love when a man cums in my mouth and I swallow every time. I am hooked.
  9. Bisexual Explorer
    Bisexual Explorer
    For me, cum doesn't taste like much at all. What I love is the feeling of having a throbbing cock shoot a hot load into my mouth. Of course, I swallow unless my partner wants to snowball or cum kiss. Yumm.
  10. Cumseeker
    Every man's cum tastes different to me. I especially like it when I have had a threesome with a couple and get to slurp the man's cum out of his wife's pussy.
  11. HudsonValleyBiguy001
    When I was a teen I had a friend that I sucked regularly for many years. His cum always had a salty taste never bitter.
  12. eager4cum
    when cum is shot (his or mine) I am not sure I could ever not eat at least some of it. After 50 years of eating, it almost seems like the natural thing to do, like blinking your eyes every so often.
  13. Odge1
    I’ve been eating cum for 40 years. I love the whole experience from the first drop of precum to the final drip. There is nothing better than a cock swelling and pulsating as that delicious nectar flows across my tastebuds. Most of the time sweet but sometimes bitter but bittersweet just the same. I’m craving more right now, mine someone else, just give me more cum. Yum!
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