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  • bisexual egypt

    try to meet bi singles and couples who live in Egypt , enjoy ;-)

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    Last Activity: Nov 15, 2017 4:26 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • BI in Eastern Pan Handle WV

    It's always great to meet up with someone local. If you are in the Panhandle or close by, join up

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    Last Activity: Sep 9, 2020 8:13 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • Bisexual Men, Women & Couples - Monthly GTA Play

    Event Dates: Sat Jan.17th & Sun Feb.15th!!!

    Club M4, 2814 Lake Shore Blvd W. Everyone is invited to attend on Sat Jan.17th from 3-7pm, guest list is strongly encouraged!! M4 Club Photos:

    Lockers, towels & condoms are no charge, please bring lube, toys and non-latex condoms for your personal use. TG are welcome to dress on-premise. Voyeurs: please bring lingerie or boxers to engage in the play areas; street clothes can ONLY be worn in the Library Lounge.

    Bi Pleasure Parties celebrate our sexual freedom: features a Glory Hole booth, both a Women's Only area plus the "Man Cave". The ENTIRE play area is open for bisexual play of any kind, no need to hold back!!

    Email to join guest list, or reply as 'attending' under the Event posting. Note: Couples attending afternoon events can request FREE PASS to return same night from 9pm-3am. Out of town? The Stays Inn has a special rate if you mention Club M4 when booking.

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    Last Activity: Dec 27, 2021 5:48 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • Houston Bi Guys Wanting Sex

    Looking to organize and keep a constant group of guys happy with fun time meetings and sexual escapades.

    From parked cars, to rest rooms, parks, motel meetings.

    Join up if you are serious.

    9 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: This group
    Last Activity: Dec 29, 2021 7:00 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • Horny Couples with Bisexual "Hot Wives"

    Hi, This group welcomes Hot Wives, Straight Couples, Bi-sexual Females, Bi-Sexual Straight acting Males, and Fit Horny Straight Single Male Studs. I will add more detail and start posting later. Thanks

    1 member(s)
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    Last Activity: Apr 4, 2024 10:34 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • Bi married men in East Tennessee

    A place for guys to meet and chat. Also to set up time and places for some NSA fun.

    34 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: Greeneville
    Last Activity: Mar 23, 2024 5:24 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • Outter Cape Cod fun

    Orleans to PTown...

    Sign up here to meet others in the area

    8 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: Wellfleet hot tub
    Last Activity: May 28, 2023 7:58 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • Bi guys in Oregon who want to suck cock for women

    horny bi guys who love to be watched by women pleasing another man

    23 member(s)
    Last Activity: Sep 28, 2022 4:50 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • Guys in CT that love having their cocks sucked on for a long time.

    For guys who love to relax while another guy suck on their cock for long periods of time.

    9 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: Orange Ct
    Last Activity: Jun 2, 2024 9:33 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • The Stuidos Las Vegas

    The Power Exchange has reopened and is now called The Studios this group is ment for people in the Las Vegas area that go or want to meet up

    34 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: meeting couples
    Last Activity: Nov 27, 2023 9:48 PM
    Category: Geographic

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  • Sarasota bi fun

    Mostly married bi guys on the DL who like to hookup for oral or other fun

    2 member(s)
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    Last Activity: Today 2:02 AM
    Category: Geographic
  • North Georgia Bi

    Residents of North Georgia that are bisexual or interested.

    107 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: Nearby
    Last Activity: Today 12:04 AM
    Category: Geographic
  • Threesome or foursome bi in Virginia

    Looking for a female to join my buddy and me, or a male female couple to play with in Gloucester, Va. We are both vaccinated and clean.

    This is a private group.
    Last Activity: Today 12:04 AM
    Category: Geographic
  • North Carolina Bi

    A place for Bi Tar Heels to meet.

    This is a private group.
    Last Activity: Today 12:03 AM
    Category: Geographic
  • Bi South Carolina

    Just a place for Bi Men & Women in South Carolina to meet,post,and network.

    186 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: Myrtle Beach
    Last Activity: Today 12:02 AM
    Category: Geographic
  • South Carolina bisexual

    This group is designed for bisexual people in SC to connect and discuss bi issues and maybe make new friends.

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    Latest Discussion: Hi
    Last Activity: Today 12:01 AM
    Category: Geographic
  • Golf Getaways for Bisexuals

    The opportunity for all bi members to enjoy a great sport, either for 1 or 2 days, or a trip away tp places like Myrtle Beach, Ocean City,MD,Florida, or out west. We can combine the exercise and competion on the course with sexual fun together after the round:)

    I thought this activity may be a good solution for fellow members who have difficulty finding a place to host a desired encounter with another person or couple. I think most wives or partners wouldn't mind you getting away to "play" for a short time. I myself have a place in South Carolina that I visit during the year to escape from New Jersey. I'm interested in hearing feedback from everyone. Let's make a hole in one, or two!

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    Last Activity: Today 12:00 AM
    Category: Main

    bi under the right situation.. it what it says... often referred to as 'socially bi' perhaps the question is.. what is the right situation? some people enjoy being 'passive bi' or only bi if with both (has to have the opposite sex there) with guys often it might mean 'orally bi' ..hence no anal sex is desired... this is usually the case with most 'hetero' bi males.... the right situation is usually.. in a 3some with a M/F couple so the 'right situation' can be mixing the enjoyment of a 'bi' experience .. i.e. sex with both at the same time. Ever notice that the 'right situation' may not be when you meet someone? but rather it happens when you are naked, and playing straight in a 3way..and the couple is open to some bi fun.. when the mood at that time becomes the 'right situation'.

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    Latest Discussion: Northern Illinois
    Last Activity: Yesterday 6:40 PM
    Category: Main
  • Suck buddies

    This group is for guys that like to suck cock

    This is a private group.
    Last Activity: Yesterday 9:34 AM
    Category: Geographic
  • North Jersey bi-male gangbang

    looking for mostly Tops and some bottoms to get together in paramus for gangbang sex and good safe Man to man fun

    38 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: Northwest NJ
    Last Activity: Yesterday 12:06 AM
    Category: Geographic
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