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  • Cocksuckers wanted

    This is a group for cocksuckers and guys seeking cocksuckers.

    1 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: upstate ny
    Last Activity: Mar 29, 2024 2:28 PM
    Category: Main
  • Black Bisexuals Bi Men Bi Women Bi Couples

    This is a group to help find black bisexual men women and couples.

    17 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: When did you know?
    Last Activity: Jul 13, 2014 2:22 AM
    Category: Main
  • Hot Wife Lovers

    For all who live in or want to have a Hot Wife lifestyle.

    1 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: Older MILFS
    Last Activity: Apr 5, 2024 7:54 AM
    Category: Main
  • Dogging In The Pac NW ....

    Dogging started in the later part of the 20th century, in the UK, with locations mainly being public car parks and lay-bys (usually on quiet country roads) with activity normally taking place after dark. Doggers would usually leave their interior lights on in their cars so that other doggers would know that they too were doggers. Some would flash their headlights at other cars or flick the interior light on-and-off briefly. These are the most common signs to show that one is a dogger, and are also the signs used by gay men who use lay-bys as cruising grounds for sexual activity. Many dogging locations are used by both straight doggers and gay men. Seems in the United States, Adult Video Stores are the equivilent to dogging in the UK. Usually in the UK, its more of a outdoor sport. Guess us Americans still a bit pent up in venturing out and doing this. Wanted to start this group in hope of getting Dogging a American thing too !

    148 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: Dogging ....
    Last Activity: Sep 27, 2023 1:58 AM
    Category: Main


    10 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: whats up girls?
    Last Activity: Apr 17, 2015 2:44 PM
    Category: Main
  • Discovering and Exploring Our Path to Bisexuality

    Tales of our actual sexual experiences we have had or almost have had that relate to our bisexuality; discussions about what we have discovered about ourselves, about life and other things in the course of finding our way through and to identifying ourselves as being bisexual. How do we define bisexuality for ourselves??

    407 member(s)
    Last Activity: Apr 4, 2024 10:34 PM
    Category: Main
  • picture dares

    People say the dares they want to see a picture of and the person has to do it then they pick. .you can pass on 3 dares.

    197 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: Fun
    Last Activity: Apr 11, 2024 11:08 PM
    Category: Main
  • Looking for advice

    My bf just informed me he is bi but still wants to be with me. Any advice? I am divorced and have three kids and need some help on what I should do.

    37 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: What am I ? Confused for sure.
    Last Activity: Apr 4, 2024 10:34 PM
    Category: Main
  • Curious in panties

    Looking to talk to guys that r curious and like to wear panties secretly

    219 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: Hotel Room Panties
    Last Activity: Jan 13, 2024 9:16 AM
    Category: Main
  • Bi men in panties in DenverNC

    Men wearing panties

    16 member(s)
    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
    Last Activity: Sep 1, 2022 10:44 PM
    Category: Main

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  • Pensacola Bi-Men

    Men located in the Panhandle of Florida that are Bi

    17 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: P-cola
    Last Activity: Yesterday 9:50 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • Men who love dressing up in sexy lingerie

    Men who love dressing up in sexy lingerie and womens clothes

    567 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: Love to dress sexy
    Last Activity: Yesterday 9:39 PM
    Category: Main
  • gay outdoor sexual encounters

    This group is for men that have had to meet in unusual outdoor places to have intimate encounters. Did you always worry about getting caught or did you just enjoy it? What is the most unusual place you have had to have sex to keep from getting cought.

    This is a private group.
    Last Activity: Yesterday 6:53 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • Husbands Club

    No Description

    This is a private group.
    Last Activity: Yesterday 6:47 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • bi curious in Tennessee

    Bi curiius guys , single , married getting together for fun

    135 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: Hi guys
    Last Activity: Yesterday 6:44 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • Suck buddies

    This group is for guys that like to suck cock

    This is a private group.
    Last Activity: Yesterday 6:43 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • Sarasota Bisexuals

    Single guys - married guys - single girls - married girls - couples - everyone who enjoys the varieties of sex and loves being free, liberated and open minded.

    This is a private group.
    Last Activity: Yesterday 6:43 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • Central florida bi men

    This group is being created in hopes that it will help some guys connect that live in the area.

    This is a private group.
    Last Activity: Yesterday 6:41 PM
    Category: Geographic
  • Sexless Marriage

    A group for both bi men and bi women who are in a sexless marriage - e.g. they no longer have sex with their spouse.

    This is a private group.
    Last Activity: Yesterday 6:30 PM
    Category: Main
  • CD/TV Admirers

    For The Many Who Love CD/TV's. Know A Couple Of Ladies Who Could Fill This Group Up With Hundreds Of Pictures In One Day ! She Does have The Best Slide Shows EVER !

    1,952 member(s)
    Latest Discussion: Favorite adult entertainer?
    Last Activity: Yesterday 11:10 AM
    Category: Main
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