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    Re: How many are straight acting closeted cocksuckers?

    I am married to a woman and very DL. The only people that know that I enjoy cock are the guys that I've met up with.

    I am very straight, other than when I'm playing with a guy. I love women and pussy, but there's something about a good looking, hard cock. Just the thought of a cock in my mouth gets me hard. I love to think about my wife whenever I suck dick. I think of her for a few reasons. 1) If she knew, she'd kill me. 2) I know that I suck better than her. 3) I imagine her walking in on me and I don't stop.

    I want to do what I can't do with my wife and that is suck dick and getting fucked. To me, it's just physical pleasure and I want to enjoy it all.
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