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Thread: Hot for Frot

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    Hot for Frot

    How come I never see any discussions on this site about frottage -- commonly called "frot?" For those who don't know, frotting involves getting off by rubbing cock-to-cock with another guy, and it ranks as perhaps my favorite form of guy-on-guy sex.

    When I have my buddy Dave's leaking cock pressed tightly against mine and our two swollen, purple cockheads are grinding against one another, their super-sensitive undersides urging one-another toward climax, it's incredibly intense, and usually culminates in one of the most powerful, gut-wrenching orgasms I've ever had.

    It's also a very intimate activity, as it usually ends with one of us cumming all over the other's erect penis, something I, personally, find highly erotic. Interestingly, Dave and I frequently cum simultaneously, or within seconds of one another. Seeing me begin to ejaculate sort of puts him over the edge, and in a matter of seconds, he'll be blowing his load too. On those occasions when Dave cums first, he'll sometimes ask me to use his fresh semen as a lube and watch as I bring myself to orgasm. At that point, I'm so totally turned on, I'd do almost anything he asked.

    A while back I visited a shop near here aptly named The Tool Shop, and purchased a silicon rubber masturbation sleeve we can both fuck from opposite ends. We've had some fun with that, but are looking for other variations on cock-to-cock play. Dave has expressed an interest in docking, but after getting circumcised a few years ago, I don't have enough foreskin left to make that possible.
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    Re: Hot for Frot

    There has been stuff written about it - but you'd have to dig through the forum history to find it and few people are willing to do that.

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    Re: Hot for Frot

    Most of us have rubbed cocks with someone.
    Generally it's the start of fore play as younger people. It's been a long time since I have. Even more sensual is having a hard hot cock head pushing on your sack. It's close to docking if you or your partner no longer have foreskin. I did manage to dock a couple of times years ago. It was the tightest pussy I've had ever. At least I knew when I hit bottom. Filled it up and sucked it clean. He added his load it finish a great session. That was over 20 years ago. Would I frot he'll yeah. I'd dock if given a chance to, too! A side benefit to cock pumping is I've partially restored my foreskin. You wouldn't believe how stretchable skin really is. After all cocks expand and don't tear when they do. Explore the possibilities and enjoy your ideas.

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    Re: Hot for Frot

    I haven't done it since I was maybe 13; I've never done it as an adult. It was preferred by guys who wanted to be fucked... without having dick buried in them.

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    Re: Hot for Frot

    For me frotting has always been just one element of the play rather than so much a major means to an end. Feels good, though!

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    Re: Hot for Frot

    It can be that means to an end; it can be pretty hot and intense depending on who you're doing it with. It's... dry humping without any clothes on, can work very well for guys who like to kiss and just make sure that you use a good lube and keep it handy to avoid any friction burns...

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    Re: Hot for Frot

    It has been part of foreplay for me most of the time I want to fuck

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    Re: Hot for Frot

    Yeah, well it started out being a means to an end -- the sexual main event, so to speak. On a half dozen occasions, however, it progressed to a form of foreplay ending in anal sex with me bottoming for my buddy, Dave. Oh, fuck, when I'm primed like that, when inhibitions are completely down and I'm fully aroused, I'll submit to anything.

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    Re: Hot for Frot

    Docking is fucking hot! At times I wish I hadn't consented to getting circumcised. I only did it to please an insistent sex partner. Sadly, the relationship was only temporary. The circ, however, is permanent. The surgeon who circumcised me thoughtfully left enough foreskin to facilitate masturbation. I suppose I could try docking, but it wouldn't be the same as having a guy's cockhead completely enveloped in my foreskin and allowing him to orgasm while docked. Damn, the exchange of semen is so fucking personal and erotic! At his point, I've taken my partner's load in my mouth more times than I can count, in my ass exactly six times, and while docking only three times. I wish it were more!

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    Re: Hot for Frot

    I've rubbed Dicks together as foreplay before sex.
    If it is to be, let it be with me

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    Re: Hot for Frot

    Frosting is so hot! One of the most erotic times I ever had was with a guy who was uncircumcised. We were making out with our cocks rubbing. He grabbed mine and inserted it in his foreskin and started moving his hips. While I had never done it, it didn’t take long before I exploded

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    Re: Hot for Frot

    The very first guy that I was in bed with, and who boldly approached me in our small town bar, had us in full body contact in his bed (I didn't know what I was doing or what was expected of me) as we humped against each other's cocks. I liked it but looked at it as a prelude to sucking. His was the first cock I ever sucked and I was horrlble at it, not being sure how to protect him from my teeth. He pulled me off his cock (I can't blame him) and he stroked me off with his head resting on my belly. I came in an intense explosion, so when he got up he had a few streams of my cum across his face.
    I had never imagined such a cum on someone's face. I remember thinking it odd....but also was the sense that I wanted to try it, too.

    To the point, I enjoyed the frot experience with him and would love to do it in a threesome in which the other two frot until one of the guys cums on the other's cock, then they have me suck the cum covered cock until I get his load shot directly into my mouth.

    I want that so bad!!
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    Re: Hot for Frot

    I’ve done it a few times and it’s quite enjoyable.




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