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    Question Size Queen

    ok to be clear I am not a size queen.. I truly feel that size has gotten a bad rap.. length and girth are what they are.. to be clear I have come to understand what really makes the most difference in sex is simply just a few things outside of size..
    #1: being the receiver your attitude at the moment plays a bigger part of how your experience will turn out..
    #2: the conference of the giver..
    #3: the giver knowing how to use what he has to the best of his ability..
    #4: you as the receiver being supportive and not judgmental..
    I doing the things that I do have learned that almost all the time it?s more about the motion of the ocean than it is the depth of the probe..
    Now I do enjoy girth as it make or gives the feeling of being full.. a 6-7? cock that has a little girth feels way better than a 9-10? cock that dose not.. that?s my opinion..
    we all remember our first time like it was yesterday.. so do we remember the first time we were fucked so good that it blew your mind..
    my story: I met this guy years ago on Craigslist.. he said that he was normally a bottom guy and had a guy that he called his boyfriend that he bottomed for all the time.. that he kinda enjoyed topping but his boyfriend didn?t do that so he was looking for his own bottom to play with.. we talked for a couple weeks and he invited me to his place one afternoon.. so I prepared and went to meet him.. he was an Asian guy, about 5?7?tall and about 150lbs.. not a big guy by any sense.. as I went in we started kissing.. long deep kissing and making out.. while making out our clothes just seemed to disappear.. soon we were both naked standing there making out..
    he really was a good kisser.. I could feel his cock agents my leg getting harder.. so we moved to his bed.. I went straight between his legs and began sucking.. within about 10 min he stopped me and ask if I was ready for him to fuck me.. I was very turned on and all I could do was smile and shake my head yes..
    he pulled me up and kissed me long and deep and said he was going to skew me cum all over myself.. he rolled over to be in doggy position and started licking my pussy and tongue and finger fucking me.. then he lubed my pussy and himself.. then I felt him at my pussy entrance.. then with one big thrust he plowed in balls deep.. my toes curled I lost my breath and I moaned loudly ( oh fuck ) he was balls deep inside of me.. like 6.5-7?? deep in me with his kinda girthy cock.. god I felt so full.. it stretch me a little bit made me feel so so full.. then he fucked me for a little over an hour in doggy.. then rolled me over to missionary style and we made out while he continued to fuck me for another hour.. then he got me up and we got a drink and he bent me over the edge of his bed and started again.. about 30 min in I blew my first load hands free all over his bed and myself.. but he didn?t stop or skip a beat.. he kept fucking away.. about 45 min later I blew my second load again on his bed and myself.. and he kept on going.. after another 20 min I had a mind blowing orgasm that blew my mind and left me exhausted and weak.. he put me on my back and after another 20 min I just shook and quivered.. we lay there until he fell out of me.. I had never been fucked like that before.. we continued to see each other for two months until one day I got word that he had been killed in a car accident leaving his boyfriends place.. he changed my world..
    so there ya have it.. let?s hear your stories about that time you got your world rocked and didn?t expect it.. inquiring minds??

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    Re: Size Queen

    i used to have a married man 7 inchs or so ever week he would fuck me times and make me cum like a slut

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    Re: Size Queen

    I totally agree with you about size of a penis and prefer them on the shorter side. What gets my attention is how it is shaped, head shape and size in particular and how different is it than mine. I tend to be drawn to blonde guys with pale skin since it’s the opposite of me and I like the 5 inch range with a fat head. I do have a friend that’s around 5.5 inches long but extremely wide, thick and round
    that I enjoy being fucked by, even though the stretching is a challenge to handle.

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    Re: Size Queen

    I like a big cock 8"s or bigger 10 and 12" is really great if I can take my time and the guy can last that long ,most last 10 minutes at the most with me.

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    Re: Size Queen

    Oh, I’m a total size queen. Length and girth are certainly different, a good mix of both is perfection to me. 2 years ago I met a guy at a post pride pool party, he was wearing some pretty tight and short shorts. His bulge was very obvious, I could see the outline of his helmet. I had to introduce myself. I hopped out of the pool and stood next to him to get a beer as the keg was being primed, introduced myself. It’s hard to hide an obvious boner when you’re soaking wet and naked. We chatted a bit, awkward introductions, and conversation, he wasn’t planning on getting in the pool, but I convinced him that it would feel great in this heat, so he peeled off his shorts, and his big fat cock flopped out, 10 inches of amazing dick, amazing girth, cut, perfect fat head. Heaven!!
    We’re getting married in October.

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    Re: Size Queen

    please don’t get me wrong I have been with a lot and I do mean a lot of big guy’s in fact my two hubby’s are both 9+” and rather girthie.. Dan is right at 9” to the mark but thicker than the mayor.. the mayor is 9.5” and a bit thinner than Dan.. I love both of them.. but they both know how to use what they have., I mean sex with either or both of them is amazing!!! They know how to push me over the edge.. they make me cum so much and experience anal orgasm to the point that I am in constant orgasm for like an hour..




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