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    Just trying to be helpful

    Found a post from purportedly a women wanting pictures of her male lover giving head.
    Being the helpful type here's what transpired.
    I arrived, messaged my arrival and moments later the garage door opened, no one in sight but a Muskoka chair with a blanket laid before was directly ahead of me. In I went and no sooner was I through the door I heard it start to close.
    At that moment I noticed movement to my left and appearing in a house coat was an older slim man. He opened his house coat as he approached revealing he was nude beneath it.
    Lining up with the chair I slid my shorts down to my ankles an sat, relaxing in the reclined chair. He was soon on his knees between my thighs taking my cock in his hands.
    Not soft, not hard it soon transformed in his mouth to a full erection. As promised I took several photos for evidence and settled back enjoying the warm mouth working my cock.
    Gentle hands caressing my balls added to the pleasure and I soon realized my first small orgasm. Normally this would be the end of the story but I put the phone down, settled back in the chair and waited for more.
    He did not disappoint. Working my cock with his skillful hands and mouth I was soon fully erect again and my breathing began to increase in pace as I released sounds of pleasure for him to hear.
    Skillful hands jerked my cock as his warm moist mouth sucked the head of my cock. Much to my surprise and pleasure I started to realize I was going to experience a second orgasm in short order.
    Laying back in the chair I released myself to the inevitable and gripped the chair arms firmly as I soon began to shudder and cum into his warm mouth. He teased and licked me clean before releasing me from his mouth.
    No sooner had I arrived I was exiting the garage relieved of my pent up sexual tensions and satisfied that I'd helped two people realize their kinky desires.

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    Re: Just trying to be helpful

    WOW! That sounds like a Penthouse Letter.

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    Re: Just trying to be helpful

    So two weekends previous to this I was travelling for work.
    As I frequently do after work is done and I'm settled in my hotel room I decided to check local ads in my favorite online app.
    No sooner was I logged on I get a message from a guy wanted a third for some action.
    His listing states he is bi and his message says he has a "hot little number" in his hotel room and would I like to join them.
    Well yes of course I would.
    Now in my mind I'm thinking a middle aged house wife out trying to experience her wild side.
    I'm thinking we'll be doing a spit roast, maybe a bit of mutual cock sucking and I'll either get to fuck some ass or pussy.
    15 minutes later I'm in the hotel back parking lot waiting for the host to let me in past the secured back door.
    5 minutes pass after I message that I've arrived and while I'm starting to think he's not coming suddenly from the shadows appears my host.
    He greats me with a hand shack and some small talk as we make our way to the hotel room.
    Once inside I realize it's not a middle aged bored housewife by a 20 something hot blonde with a very tight slim figure and amble breasts.
    Now the two of them seem like a rather odd couple as he's in his fifties.
    At this point he announces he's just going to watch as he's recovering from surgery.
    Well not the plan I was sold on but hell I'm one to easily adapt to the situation.
    He directs her to strip and me to join her on the bed.
    Moments later my hands are gliding over the smoothest, softest skin I've had the pleasure of touching in years.
    She sits quietly as I kiss and lick her nipples.
    My hands make there way to her groin and my fingers to her pussy.
    She directs me to lay back and she quickly devoirs my cock into her mouth.
    Soon our host directs her to assume a 69 position which I welcome laying my mouth on a pussy for the first time in years.
    This continues with my hands enjoying the young silky smooth skin and warm mouth wrapped around my cock.
    Soon I'm spent and it's time to leave my hosts.
    As I walk out of the hotel I again ponder the oddness of this couple.
    Was I just serviced by a pro for the cuckholding entertainment of my host?
    I'll never know but I will forever recall the pleasure.




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