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    Re: What started your journey as being bi?

    I went to a Drive-in movie that would show x-rated movies. From the sign I saw that the movie featured someone called Sulka. I wasn't familiar with that name but I was in my early twenties and horny for a porn movie so I entered. When Sulka appeared I thought that she had an exotic face and a wonderfully voluptuous body. She was in a bikini that didn't conceal much (I got instantly hard!). She removed her top revealing her large, soft breasts. She then removed the bikini bottom showing her beautiful large ass! She turned and out popped her large cock! The guy in the scene hesitated for an instant before taking it in his mouth! Up to that point I never considered having sex with a man but that scene and the sex they enjoyed got me curious. From that point on I watched more transexual porn and eventually sucked cock and had sex with a gay man that included mutual sucking and fucking.

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    Re: What started your journey as being bi?

    For me in the 7th grade gym class shower room got an eye opener with about 20 to 25 naked boys going in the shower room. At first was embarrassed being on display but as time went on, got use to it because they were on display to. I started to fantasize about playing with a cock. I still looked at playboy and penthouse magazines and jerk-off to them. The urges gotten strong in the 8th grade shower room and just about everyone had reached puberty and let me tell you some boys were hung like a horse with big balls. They were the ones walking through the locker room to the shower room with their towels over their shoulders instead of around their waistline. Of course everyone is checking each other out but didn?t want to be outed because back then there was a lot of gay bashing. Later that summer my best buddy and I went into the woods there was a pond we decided to go skinny dipping. We known each other since the 3 rd grade but in different classes. It was the first time we seen each other naked. We splashed each other and stuff like that. He got out and sat on a Boulder Sunning himself. He asked me if I was still a virgin I said yes how about you he said yes. He said let?s jerk-off so we did I came fast he said wow the was fast I said if you need a helping hand let me know he said yea what a faggot. He then said like you really would. I said try me. He said come get it so I did he said I thought you wouldn?t really do it. I was hard again asked him to jerk me. He did then I dropped to my knees took him in my mouth. He kept saying he going to cum I said that?s the point he flood my mouth I gaged a little but worked through it. He fine sucked me and when we were alone would 69 on our sides. 3 years later he moved got a gf finely got pussy but even to this day every now and then crave cock.

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    Re: What started your journey as being bi?

    Well? hmmm. There is a possibility that when I was about six my older brother may emphasize may have had me suck his dick although I have no direct memory of it. I know I remember other things around that time that have me about 99% sure he did (like him being sent away for 2-3 weeks time) and then me being moved out of his bedroom. Maybe that?s where the thought started, I can?t be 100% sure.
    Never thought about it much, a friend in junior high and I used to go and jack off (never touched each other doing that) in an abandoned shack but I never thought about sucking dick. One time we did try anal on each other but with no lube it didn?t work and I didn?t like it.
    Then I must have been about 15 when they came out with the book Everything you wanted to know about sex but were afraid to ask.
    I read it and when I got to the section about guys sucking another guys dick I got hard as a rock. I was at my Mom?s & stepdad?s, then I went to live with my dad for awhile.
    He liked to walk around the house nude ever since I was a little kid, no big deal. Then I peeked around the corner when he was laying in bed, I could only see his feet up to about mid chest and he had this huge boner sticking up.I stared at it for awhile captivated by the sight of it then went back to bed.
    A few weeks later when he was gone I was laying in bed playing with myself. Then I wondered if I could lick my own dick. Threw my legs over my head pressing on the headboard and with a lot of effort and struggle I finally got about 1/2 the head of my 6.5 inch dick in my mouth.
    As soon as my lips touched it I immediately blew my load into my own mouth. I ran to the bathroom and spit it in the sink because I really didn?t know what else to do.
    That progressed to me getting a handheld mirror so I could see what it looked like with a dick in my mouth, it looked very very nice I thought. Then it got me wondering what it would be like to have access to an entire dick to put in my mouth! The very thought got me so hard.
    At sixteen I went out to California for a summer at my uncles house. I had a girl cousin that took me into San Francisco to see it (1971). I saw one of those free ?newspapers? and picked it up. In the back were some personal ads and one of the thumbnails had a guy kneeling in front of another guy sucking his dick.
    I brought that back to Texas with me and jacked off many times to that little picture wishing I could try it.
    Finally at 18 years old I decided to try it with a guy I knew was gay. Me sucking his cock didn?t even cause him to get that hard, no big head, not what I wanted. He just wanted to screw me in the ass. He did (with lube) and then I did him. Kind of a downer as it wasn?t what I wanted.
    At 19 I finally got enough courage to go to a gay club in San Antonio (drinking age was 18 then) and started shooting pool with this long haired dude. We didn?t even finish the game, went outside and talked for awhile. Then he reached over and grabbed my cock through my jeans and asked if I really wanted to do this. I grabbed him back and said YES! then we went to his house. When we were in the dimly lit living room I asked him to indulge a fantasy of mine. He said yes so I dropped to my knees, undid his pants, pulled his cock out and started sucking it.
    He said ?Wait a minute, I have to go talk to my roommate!?.
    WTF? He hadn?t said anything about a roommate! He went upstairs for a couple of minutes, came back down and took me upstairs to the bed where his male roommate was!
    He wanted to screw me and I put a pillow under my butt, I started to get nervous. He said are you worried I?m not gay enough? I said yes and he leaned over, sucked my cock for a bit, I relaxed.
    So then his roommate got next to me in a sort of sideways 69 while I was also getting screwed. He had a beautiful 7 inch cut cock that looked a lot like mine. I started worshiping that cock, rubbing it on my face and lips, seeing how deep I could get it in my mouth, tasting that wonderful salty sweet precum.
    That was so hot that I really wasn?t paying much attention to the guy screwing me, I was so focused on that beautiful cock in my mouth, running my lips up and down the shaft, sucking it back into my mouth. WONDERFUL!!!
    This must?ve gone on for about 20-25 minutes. Then I had him deep in my mouth, hands on his balls. I felt his balls start to tighten up and then that gorgeous head started really swelling up in my mouth. That was SO erotic! Then I realized that I hadn?t thought that far ahead as to what to do but I wasn?t about to pull that wonderful dick out of my mouth. He started spurting and by the third spurt I just started swallowing as fast as I could. I think I counted 6 or 7 huge spurts. I can?t say that I liked the taste right away, he was a bit bitter but I just swallowed it all anyway.
    After he went soft and pulled out because it was too sensitive he told the guy that was a screwing me that I hadn?t cum yet. The guy screwing me probably came about the same time as his roommate was cumming in my mouth as I really didn?t realize that he had cum in my ass already.
    Then they both double teamed sucking and licking on my cock. It didn?t take long before I was blowing a huge load in his roommate?s mouth which he swallowed all of, nice repayment of the favor!
    All of this happened before I had ever had the pleasure of pussy. When I did I realized that I liked it too but I also liked sucking cocks.
    Joined the Navy at 22, sucked a few cocks the six years I was in but NEVER anyone from my ship.Those were the days it was an immediate dishonorable discharge if you got caught doing that!
    That was also the big reason I got out when my six year advanced electronics commitment was up.
    Spent time monogamous with ladies but if I got too cock hungry I could still suck my own!
    Too bad I can?t do that anymore! 69 years old and still get rock hard if I think about sucking cock, divorced in 1993 after 7 years but we did have some MMF three ways, I liked being under her while he was fucking her, licking her clit and his cock. Pulling his cock out and deep throating it to get all her pussy juices of his dick and then sliding it back into her pussy. That is so fucking hot too!!!
    Well, there you go, that?s how I started and I?m to the point now that I am pretty much only interested in sucking cocks at this point, 69 years old and single.
    Any doubts go to my profile and look at my photo album, just took those last year, first time ever I allowed a picture of me with a cock in my mouth!
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    San Antonio, Texas!!!




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